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Guest blogger – Organic Glow, with a coupon for you!

Well, I’ve found my new favorite wearable scent. And I’m really thankful I did, because sometimes I want to smell pretty and I truly can not even consider using artificial “perfume” fragrances. Tossed them all out long ago, never to return. Over the past several years, I’ve tried a few other organic/essential oil based scents and while many of them smell pretty, they just don’t last. This is the longest lasting organic scent I have ever used and it just so happens to be my favorite! I love it when things come together easily like that!   Alison Price, owner …

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Guest Blogger — Mission Essentials

I am so happy to introduce today’s guest blogger… Steve and Gail Salomon. They own and operate a local company called Mission Essentials… they were introduced to me by a participant in my Skin Happiness eCourse (thank you so much Diane!) Diane wanted me to look over the ingredient list for this particular sunscreen brand and I’m so glad she did. I found nothing but amazing ingredients and physical blocking agents (no chemical sunscreens or preservatives) along with the fact that the product is micro-sized but *NOT* nano-sized… this sunscreen fit the bill perfectly. In addition to it being an …

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