Lithium In Our Drinking Water?

Many recent studies have come out lately showing just how important the mineral lithium is to our health. And I’m all for whatever natural solutions we can find to preserve health… but not this one.   I’ll give you details below on studies that show that long term lithium use is associated with a reduced risk of dementia, and this is on top of previous studies that show that lithium may actually lower our over all lifetime risk of cancer. But adding it to the water supply, instead of just recommending lithium supplementation? Uh… no. I’m not good with that. […]

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Lithium Decreases Cancer Risk

A new study links lithium — the gold standard treatment for bipolar disorder — with a significant reduction in cancer risk. Not only that, but the reduced risk of cancer was found to be dose dependent… …meaning patients who took higher doses of lithium had even greater reduction in cancer rates than those who took lower doses. The Study (published in the British Journal of Psychiatry July, 2016):   Researchers followed over 4,700 patients with bipolar disorder, categorizing them as using lithium only, a different medication only (the anticonvulsant valproate) or both medications together. Researchers followed these patients for over

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