organic gardening

Saving Summers Seeds (say that three times fast!)

Remember my tutorial, back in June, about allowing some of your garden fruits and veggies to go to seed and how to harvest and save them for replanting? If enjoy gardening, you’ll take twice as much pride and twice as much pleasure in planting seeds that you’ve saved from your own garden.   Propagating your own garden from your own seeds means you have basically a free garden, assuming you use your own compost for fertilizer. That’s my goal… add one or two new crops to the mix each year, but re-grow my old faves from the previous year’s seed. So […]

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Recipe: Organic Marinara Sauce from your backyard

  Well, not exactly from *my* backyard… more like from my local farmer’s backyard. As you all know, the tomatoes in my own yard didn’t take off much this year. We had a lovely crop (and it’s still coming!) which gave us enough tomatoes for fresh salads and straight eating this summer, but not enough of a crop for me to can them into sauce. Knowing this, my hubby came home one night after work with three huge baskets full of local fresh tomatoes from John’s Island… Now if you are smarter than me, you will not begin to make

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Gardening Week… Awesome Reader Idea #1

I love my readers! You all are the absolute BEST. I have gotten such amazing garden photos from my readers (keep ’em coming, you know I love love love to hear from you! Email me directly at any time!) I want to share two amazing ideas from readers with you. This week is going to be all about gardening. Today, Diane shares with us a fabbo way to collect free water for you to water your garden, potted plants, container garden crops, indoor houseplants and such… rain chains!   Diane captures the action of one of her rain chains

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Organic Gardening… Spotlight on Readers!

Wow. I’ve gotten some pics from readers lately that have me laughing at my own garden attempts. You all are awesome! I just have to share a few of my very favorite reader pics with you here. If anyone wants to email me their garden pics, I’d love to see them! As you’ll see from some of my own pics further down, my garden is growing well but my tomato seedlings are not all I thought they would be at this point. If anyone wants to shoot me a “my garden ain’t doing so hot either” picture to cheer me

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