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Thoughts On Health… Cosmetics

Clara takes a few pictures of me plucking my eyebrows… and plucking my brows to open up the eye area is my favorite “beauty secret” by far! Although there are many types of preservatives and artificial colors and scents in make up that I’d prefer to avoid, I don’t have any set rules. I prefer not to use formulas with parabens in them, or petroleum products… but at the same time, I have a huge amount of respect for the human body and it’s ability to take in what is wanted, and filter out and excrete what is not. Yep, …

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Skin Care, Part II

Thank you so much for such a great discussion about skin care last Monday. I appreciated the comments and the suggestions and insight from readers so much! Wendy gave a great tip to avoid using citrus essential oils on the skin (it increases photosensitivity) and Barbara had a great recommendation for all you locals wanting microdermabrasion (Dawn at Daniel Island Medical Spa) and there are even more great tips if you want to take a look. I don’t have any recent skin-care-related photos to share with this post today, so I thought I’d include some new pics of my wire …

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Thoughts On Health… FAQ: Skin Care

This past week I was asked by three different folks about skin care, so I think this topic is calling for me to blog about it! My motto is: simplify. Let me back up and tell you a little about my background… I briefly considered going into Dermatology when I was in med school, so I took three times the regular amount of training in Dermatology as a result. I’ve always been fascinated by skin and surgical procedures, so I really enjoyed those rotations, chock full of both. I also spent four summers throughout college working at the National Cancer …

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