The Single Most Important Factor For Good Health…

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Guess what I am doing right now?

I’m moving!


The kids and I are busy busy busy busy BUSY this week, unpacking boxes and moving into a new space to live… so I need to pause my blog temporarily while we get settled in!



But before I step out for a short period of time, I wanted to share this post with you today.

In keeping with last week’s post of staying healthy during times of stress, I am reposting this article I wrote, all about the single most important factor in long-term health.


Do you know what it is?


  • Is it drinking enough water each day?
  • Is it eating only raw foods?
  • Is it getting high quality sleep?


Nope. All of those things are amazing, of course… but here is the ONE factor that is controlling your current state of health completely: your thinking.


Don’t believe me? Look at it this way:

Your body is completely new — inside and out — every few years.


All of your organs (except for one) completely regenerates, repairs, and optimizes on a continuous basis.


  • Some parts of your body are so fresh and new that they are only one day old… the cornea of your eye, for example. Your cornea can completely regenerate every 24 hours.
  • Some parts are a little older… the lining of your intestines, for example, are about 3 days old.
  • Your skin is about 1 month old.
  • Your fingernails have completely grown out and replaced themselves in about 6 months.
  • Your taste buds are only little 10 day old cuties when they get replaced.
  • Your liver is totally regenerated every 5 months.
  • Your lungs are renewed every two years.
  • Even your bones, the support system of your body, is on a 10 year replacement program.



There is only one organ system that sticks with you for your entire lifetime… and it is your brain.


Nervous tissue is the slowest to repair, never increases in number and only declines in cell quantity.



Now there are plenty of things you can do to stimulate new adaptations and promote brain health, as I’ve outlined here, here and here.

But for the most part, the brain you have now is the brain you will always have.


Here’s the thing though… your brain is the one you will always have, but your thinking doesn’t have to be the same thoughts that you’ve always had.


Every other part of your body has the ability to be made anew and replaced many many times in your lifetime.

So that means that you can outgrown conditions.

You can improve the health of your tissues.

You can begin to repair past damage and let go what isn’t working for you and enjoy manifesting a new body entirely… this is why it is NEVER too late to quit smoking.

Within of quitting days your cardiovascular system improves, within months your lungs are repairing, and within years your chances of getting lung cancer are half of what they used to be.

So why do we still struggle with those chronic health problems?

Why the skin conditions that won’t go away, the irritable bowel that won’t quit or the allergies you just haven’t outgrown?

Since we can get a new body every ten years… why do we carry the same problems for decade after decade?


It’s because our thinking hasn’t changed.

Every single day we get a chance to wake up and re-invent ourselves.

A chance to see things from a new perspective and breathe a new breath and have a new thought.


It takes work to change our thinking and it takes some patience to see this manifest in our bodies.


After all, lots of these health conditions are our life’s work! They were not meant to clear up overnight, nor could they.


But the next time you get frustrated with your body… the next time you curse your bad posture or your sensitive stomach or your ingrown toenail or your seasonal allergies… just remember: those tissues in your body are literally in the process of being replaced right now!!!!


If you can let the illness die away and be replaced along with this natural process, you can help unfold a new body that works how you want it to work.

The only thing you are carrying with you, decade after decade… isn’t that red blood cell (lifespan of about 4 months) or that stomach lining (lifespan of about 2 days) it is the way you feel about your body and the thoughts you think about it.


Now disease is a real thing, it’s not *in your head* at all, and there is much much more we can do to support and facilitate health then just changing our thought patterns.

But I write this post today so that you can give yourself a chance… just a chance… to open to the fact that the conditions you have now are not the conditions you need to be saddled with forever.


The health reality you are dealing with right at this very moment has the potential to shift and change and release.


Because I know that your body is literally a self-healing machine... capable of fully replacing itself… it is worth being very positive and aware of the thoughts you think and the baseline activity of your brain… the only part of you that you need to be carrying with you in 10 years time.



Much much love and strength to you as you work on your thinking and let your body do the rest!


I will be back posting new articles as soon as I am settled into my new living space.

Until then, much love radiating out of this blog to my readers… .

((((xoxo))) Laura