Thoughts On Health… seasonal allergies and the link to stress.

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Part 4 of my “Seriousness is a Disease” series, today I discuss how prolonged stress physically changes your mucosal membranes and leads to a hyper-allergic response.

If you missed Part 1 (brain health) or Part 2 (heart health) or Part 3 (joint health) give them a listen and catch up to speed on why I fervently believe that seriousness is a disease.

Seriousness causes physical change in our bodies that are as damaging as most other diseases out there. I believe that when we led our lives from an overly serious vantage point, it causes us to live in a state of stress. By pinching ourselves off from our natural state of Well Being, seriousness decreases our ability to adapt and heal from normal situations, aging our bodies and decreasing our joy.

Seriousness is an appropriate *reactionary state* to many situations, but is meant to be recovered from, not meant to be a permanent mindframe. Do your body and soul a favor and allow your serious thoughts to release. Return your baseline attitude to one of playfulness and your body will thank you for it! xoxo, Laura