The Ultimate Indoor Grounding Guide: What To Use & When To Use It

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I get asked absolutely every single day…

… what indoor grounding product should I use and when?


So today… I give you the:


Ultimate Guide To Indoor Grounding!

Let me review for you exactly which grounding items works the very best in each specific situation:


1. Best for: PAIN ISSUES

A Grounded Hot Water Bottle

…the most versatile grounding tool on the planet!


Now you can combine the power of water and the power of heat with the grounding force of Mother Nature to introduce three different, synergistic ways to exponentially heal!

Heat increases circulation, ice decreases swelling, and grounding neutralizes inflammation, making this perfect for applications where pain is involved: cramps, muscle tension, headache, localized injury, back pain, arthritis and more.

Also good for:


Beauty Treatment — The grounded cover of the hot water bottle can be used as a facial beauty treatment — simply slip the hot water bottle out and use the super soft cozy right on your pillow at night, grounding through your neck and face.


2. Best for: INSOMNIA

The Bearfoot Mattress Panel — Hand made in the USA of the highest quality surgical stainless steel mesh, organic hemp and organic cotton!


This is the only grounding item that I am aware of that can ground you through a fitted sheet and/or pajamas, if the fabrics you are using are all natural (cotton or silk work best.)

And because you can anchor it in place by putting a fitted sheet on top of it, it does not shift out of position or bunch up throughout the night, there is no concern about oils or lotions affecting the performance of the sheet, and it lasts infinitely longer than grounding products that have to connect your skin directly and therefore require more washing.

And because this product uses 100% surgical grade stainless steel fibers for conductivity, it lasts dramatically longer than inferior products made from silver fibers that break or erode easily in the wash. With other grounding products, one wash in non-distilled water is enough to make it stop working. Not so with this mattress panel.

If you are going to be laying in bed for hours each night sleeping, let’s make those hours as deeply restorative and healing as they can possibly be by sleeping grounded!

Also good for:


Sports Recovery — This powerful healing flow speeds recovery to your body all night long, making it perfect for athletes who push their body during the day. Grounding has been proven in medical studies to enhance muscle recovery, decrease delayed onset muscle soreness, and protect and strengthen bones.



Grounding Socks and All NEW Grounding Gloves: helps with pain and circulation issues that arise in specific extremities.


Very often nerves and blood vasculature become compromised in our upper and lower extremities, often due to medical conditions such as peripheral neuropathy, diabetes, arthritis and more. Grounding has been shown to increase circulation to tissues, decrease blood viscosity (allowing blood to flow more smoothly to areas of decreased circulation,) decrease pain and improve healing.

Also great for preventive care for those wanting to target specific hip, leg, knee, ankle or foot issues… or target arm, elbow, wrist or hand issues.

Also good for:


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome — For folks with wrist and hand pain secondary to carpel tunnel issues (which is an inflammatory condition that pinches the nerves in your wrist) wearing a grounded glove o that hand is helpful in decreasing inflammation directly where needed.


4. Best for: DESK JOBS

A Grounded Mat — You can use this grounding mat as a mousepad at your computer, or use discretely under your desk with your feet, helping to mitigate EMF exposure in the workplace!


You can have it on your desktop at work so that your hand is touching it while you are working on your computer, or you can simply slip off your shoe under your desk and place a bare foot right on the mat.


Also good for:


Use As A Seat Pad — For those that sit at work, you can place this right on your seat and sit directly on it, or standing occupations can stand directly on this pad for grounded healing.


5. Best for: TRAVELERS

The ALL NEW Grounded Anklet — Because of this anklet’s patented magnetic clasp it is so easy to slip in and out of… making it the most convenient way to ground on earth!


All you do is click the magnetic clasp into place to put on, pull it right apart to take it off! That makes it so easy to travel with — the anklet and cord come in a black velvet pouch that slips easily into a pocket, purse or briefcase in a breeze.

Middle of the night trips to the rest room, applications where you have to move around a lot, and applications where you get interrupted a lot (hello travelers who can only grab a few minutes here and there in the hotel room to get grounded!)

Super small, easy to slip into your pocket, computer bag, purse or suitcase… even your car glove compartment… and comfortable, made out of a highly conductive flexible braided cord.


Also good for:


Gifts — This grounding item hits the sweet spot between high quality and nice presentation and accessible cost. Plus everything you need is all included in one little kit (from velvet drawstring carry pouch to the outlet checker and 10 foot extension cord!) so no need to gift wrap!


6. Best for: FIRST AID KITS

The Grounded Wrist Bands — These inexpensive wrist bands are great to have on hand in emergency kits and first aid kits because they are inexpensive and adjust size easily to fit all sizes.


And since it is a velcro closure, it adjusts to any size wrist (or ankle) to support healing in a variety of situations and easily adjusts to fit both children and adults of all sizes… so no matter who might need the immediate grounding flow from Mother Earth, this wrist band is sure to fit and sure to help. Easy to reuse and share, having one wrist band per first aid kit might be the most versatile healing equipment you carry in your emergency preparedness kit.

Also good for:


Care Packages — Because it is ultra light weight, this is the perfect item to include in care packages, holiday stockings, and as a gift topper to loved ones who live both near and far.


7. Best for: OLDER HOMES

Portable Grounding Stake — Bypass your home’s outdated electrical system and ground directly to Mother Earth, indoors!


This grounding stake’s unique corkscrew design makes it infinitely easier to reach deep into the ground without having to hammer it in. Simply twist the stake directly into the ground several inches and clip your preferred grounding item directly to it!

Great for older homes that don’t have proper grounded wiring, urban areas (near power lines or large amounts of other EMF sources) so that you can avoid being an antenna for nearby electrical smog while you ground, and for those that want the peace of mind of direct Earth contact.


Also good for:


Camping — You would think when you are camping you’d naturally be grounded, but the moment you step into a tent with a plastic tarp for the floor or into your RV, you are completely ungrounded! But no worries, because all you need to do is bring along your favorite grounding item and clip it to this portable grounding stake that connects you to the earth right outside of your tent or RV. Spend time with Mother Nature grounded on your next camping trip!



This Grounded Heel Strap turns any shoe into a grounded shoe!


I love love love going barefoot but for those times when barefoot just isn’t an option… this heel strap is the answer. If you need to use a specific protective shoe to correct a gait issue, or need to use a special orthotic insert, or if you need a specialty shoe for a specific activity (hello all you hikers out there!) this heel strap is a comfortable, super simple and easy solution. Just slip the conductive rubber heel strap over the outside of the sole of the shoe, secure with adjustable Velcro, and slip the conductive tag into your shoe or sock to connect with your skin.

Grounding is instantaneous when standing on any conductive surface.


But what if you want something even cuter?

Pluggz shoes are my favorite slip-on-and-go, super high quality grounding shoe — I literally keep mine by my front door and slip them on every single time I step out to walk my dog.


That way I’m instantly protected from outdoor exposures to pesticides and fertilizers yet I have full transmission of the earth’s healing energy flow as I walk.

And see pic below — how cute can they be!?!?


Earthing shoes!



I’m so glad we live in a time where we are beginning to wake up and *Truly Remember* all of the invaluable ways that connecting directly to the earth supports our healing.

There just is no substitute.

Luckily we have lots and lots of indoor options so that we can remain connected while we work indoors or relax indoors or sleep indoors at night. So pick a way to ground inside and don’t forget to add on some outdoor time touching the earth directly when you can as well… and watch your health skyrocket!

xoxoxo, Laura


PS — Grounding directly outdoors? Good for you!

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