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Winter can be a tough time for anybody’s skin… and especially the tender new skin of newborn and preemie babies.

Dry heated air that dehydrates and cracks vulnerable skin inside combine with whipping cold winds that chaff skin outside…

…no fun if this is baby’s first winter or if you suffer from chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema or other forms of dermatitis.


Today I have a blog post for you that is full of wonderful things you can do to support tender dry winter skin and support skin health in general.

From pulling together all my most popular skin care related articles from my website to introducing you to an amazing company with specialty skin care items that I’m absolutely in love with, you are sure to find something today that will ease your skin care woes.


You know that I love skin care — at one point I even considered going into dermatology! — so I have had lots of great resources on my website to support your skin.


Posts like these:

I recommend a winter skin care regime that supports your skin from the inside out in 3 easy steps:

1. take high quality fish oil supplements daily

2. drink lots of water

3. slather on coconut oil as a whole body moisturizer.

But what about infants/babies/children who can’t (or don’t want to) take fish oil supplements?

And what about patients who are already on fish oil, hydrated, and using coconut oil but still experiencing difficult skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and tender post-cancer treatment dermatitis?


I have a treat for you today.

A skin care line that I am so passionate about specifically for preemie, newborn, and super sensitive adult skin conditions.

Read on…


Researchers at Johns Hopkins identified Sunflower Oil as the very best oil to support early dermal development in infants and preemies.

I knew I had to find a company that supports infant skin specifically and uses Sunflower Oil as the base for supporting skin barrier function for compromised adult skin.

I whole heartedly recommend Trillium Organics OGBaby organic baby line, to fill that need and fully support infant (even premature infants) developing skin and for my patients with resistant dermatitis resulting in skin barrier breakdown.


In fact, I whole heartedly recommend the OG Baby organic line for all my adult patients too who suffer from irretractable skin conditions such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, skin that is healing from burns or chemotherapy, winter chapped skin, rapidly stretching pregnant mother skin.


Any skin that has a compromise in the skin barrier function needs the ultimate TLC above and beyond regular skin care needs.

For this skin I recommend healing it with OGBaby products, regardless of age.

Every single thing in the OG Baby product line is 100% organic, chemical free, paraben free, petroleum free, with absolutely no hormone or endocrine disruptors, no nano-particles, no carcinogens, and nothing is ever tested on animals.

It’s simply the very best, top of the line baby care that specifically supports and enhances infant/preemie’s dermal development… and best of all it features sunflower oil as the basis of their moisture oil.
What that means is that they use only edible, organic products that boosts the barrier function of the skin while at the same time decreasing eczema and other dermatitis reactions.

OGbaby products do not remove the baby’s precious oils from their own skin and they are vegan, gluten free and nut free.


The Environmental Working Group’s database rates the OG Baby line as 0-1 in safety — which is the best I’ve ever seen.


There is also has a full range of OGMama products designed specifically for pregnancy/new mama skin — that are all 100% organic, safe and effective on mother’s rapidly changing dermis.

And one more thing about the line that made me fall head over heels in love?

They have a “Conditions & Recovery” section on their website dedicated to providing answers and help for tough skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and sensitive cancer treatment skin. Love!


Because there are many people you know who suffer from irritated and raw winter skin, psoriasis, eczema… or could use some extra TLC as they undergo cancer treatment… or are welcoming newborns this holiday season for baby’s first winter… please click “share” to post on Facebook, Pin to your Pinterest board or simply forward this page in an email to your friends and family.

Hop on over here to check out the full line of Trillium Organic products, or join in on the facebook fun here!


xoxox, Laura

Want to find out more? Here is founder and formulator Karen Cieser talking about OG baby’s vapor rub (an organic, infant friendly breathe easy rub…)

And Karen talking about her barrier promoting, sunflower based moisture oil for infants

And a product I really wish I had when my two children were born… OG Baby’s Tummy Rubby a soap free cleanser that is so gentle and supportive of infant skin, you can use it on baby’s day of birth!