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I am beyond excited to share this with you today — something I’ve been personally enjoying for months now and have experienced first hand how valuable an intuitive tool it truly is.

My dear friend Jorie Cwik has spent years collecting hearts in nature. She practices “heart spotting” as a wonderfully beneficial act of presence, meditation, and communion with nature — a practice I agree with whole-heartedly.Check out some of the hearts I’ve found in nature and blogged about here, here and here!

Jorie has combined the hearts she has found gracing Mother Earth over the years with her own intuitive counseling work and created this amazing resource:

a heart centered meditation card deck.


As Jorie explains: “Guidance decks are an excellent way to hear your inner voice more clearly. They are a wonderful tool for insight, inspiration, and healing.”

I love turning to this card deck to find inspiration and wisdom. The pictures and the messages they hold are beyond spectacular!


My readings with these cards have been absolutely what I needed to hear, each time.


I really like the size of them because they are easier to shuffle than most intuitive card decks (to me, this means a more accurate reading because I know I’m connecting with all the cards and not just one clump of them with larger decks) and also easier to take with me on trips, which is a HUGE bonus. I can even keep them in my purse!

You’ve completely outdone yourself Jorie!

fanned out heart cards plus wm fbThe readings I’ve gotten from this “Follow Your Heart” Card Deck have all been so calming, centering, uplifting and inspiring.

I was so impressed with the deck of cards that I asked Jorie if I could offer a give-a-way here on my blog and she said yes!

Are you ready for your chance to win a deck of these meditation cards absolutely FREE?

Simply leave a comment below, and forward this post to all of your friends so that they can enter as well.


By the end of the week I will draw a name at random to gift the cards to and I will send it out, with love, anywhere in the world, so there are no restrictions on who can enter.

And meanwhile, check out Jorie’s website here (where she offers intuitive readings, numerology readings, house number readings, these beautiful card decks and so, so much more) as well as her FB page here!

xoxoxo, Laura