PureGround EMF Filtering & Shielding Cord: Your FAQs, Answered

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You all know how crucial I believe it is for our body’s to be

connected to the earth outside, grounded.


And you also know how much I want to protect our bodies from EMFs

and the harm done to our tissues from radiation exposures,

which is now a medical fact.


Wanting to maintain the robust innate health of the human body through grounding while still shielding it from exposures to resonant EMFs and dirty electricity is what lead me to partner up with an electrical engineer (who graduated with his PhD from MIT) to develop the PureGround EMF filtering and shielding ground cord.

Today, he answers some of your most pressing questions on how and why the PureGround cord is the safest way to get grounded indoors.


1. What is the PureGround cord?


The PureGround cord is the only grounding cord in the world which has a patented filter at the ground pin that filters out dirty electricity from entering the cord, and also prevents any current from traveling up the line.

On top of that, the entire cord is shielded so that it blocks EMFs in the local environment from impacting the cord, from one end all the way to the other.

This enables healing electrons from the earth to flow to body but does not allow EMF or other currents on the ground wires to reach you.



2. How does it work?


The PureGround cord contains components that act like one-way valves that only allow healing electrons from the earth to reach your body.

The PureGround cord protects you in three ways:

1) it doesn’t allow any stray current on grounding wires and circuits to reach you

2) it doesn’t allow EMF induced AC current on the user from forcing electrons off your body, and

3) it shields the cord to reduce EMFs induced on the PureGround cord itself.


3. Does it help with EMFs?


The PureGround filter helps with EMFs because it reduces alternating current on the cord; this means it will not allow EMFs to remove electrons from your body.

Further, it doesn’t allow any current that exists on ground wires and circuits, such as in your house or apartment, to reach your body.

Lastly, the shielding that wraps the entire length of the cord prevents EMFs from inducing current on the ground cord itself, all the way up to your grounding tool.


4. I thought grounding was to reduce voltages on the body, will this drop voltage?


Cellular processes on your body are direct current (DC) voltages while man-made voltages from power lines and other electronics are alternating current (AC) voltages.

The PureGround cord will reduce direct current voltages on your body but will not show significant alternating current voltage drops. This is because the cord prevents alternating current on the wire and keeps those electrons on your body.


5. If we are exposed to EMFs in the environment while grounded, what should I do about EMFs?


You can do two things to support the resiliency of your health: reduce EMF exposures and ground your body to restore it’s connection to the earth.

To reduce EMFs, you want to:

  • Remove unnecessary EMF exposures, I talk about that in this blog post.
  • Reduce the strength of exposures you can not remove
  • Shield your body from the remaining exposures
  • Ground your body safely, using the PureGround filtering and shielding cord with ec0-friendly, organic grounding tools.


Protecting your conductive health (by shielding and buffering EMF exposures) while boosting your conductive health (by grounding) is a completely compatible combination and absolutely the best thing you can do to support you body’s long term well being.

We recommend reducing exposure to EMF sources by moving appliances away from humans and consider turning off circuits to rooms not in use or while sleeping. Then, use EMF shielding to block what you can’t reduce.

Here is an article with a free print out of 25 easy, actionable ways you can reduce your EMF exposures:




6. How can I test if there are any voltages on the ground circuit in my house?


There are several ways to measure voltages on the ground circuit in your house or apartment.

  • The easiest step is to take a voltmeter set to alternating current (VAC) and place one probe into the grounding pin of a wall socket and the other into the neutral pin on the socket (a slightly longer slot, usually on the right in North American plugs).
  • A second approach is to install an independent ground rod into the earth outside your house, then put one probe of the voltmeter on the rod and the other into the grounding pin of the wall socket.


If you’re not using a PureGround filter your body will be exposed to these additional voltages. These voltages can be even higher than the DC voltage you’re trying to remove in the first place!

Voltmeters have both DC and AC settings (V- and V~). To measure voltages generated by your body’s cellular processes make sure the meter is placed on DC (V-). To measure EMF exposure or stray voltages in your house set your voltmeter on AC (V~).

Be sure to use a multimeter capable of measuring down to milli-volts (mV).


7. How do I make sure I’m grounded through the PureGround cord?


Many ground test meters try to run a current up a ground cord to test the connection, and the PureGround cord is so good at preventing current from reaching your body that it will protect you from this current by blocking it, and the meter will not work. To verify ground, you’ll need to use a test meter that sends the signal down the line, away from the body, to test continuity to ground.

Here is an article for you explaining this in more detail:


Why Some Meters Don’t Properly Test The PureGround Cord



The easiest way to demonstrate the PureGround cord is properly grounded is to simply use a compatible ground tester, like this one:


PureGround Grounding Test Meter


If you own a multimeter, you can also test the PureGround cord with your current tester.

You have to double check your settings, as many voltmeters have a closed circuit testing function that will not emit enough power to go through the PureGround filter and thus may not indicate the PureGround cord is grounded. Furthermore, the resistance measure on the multimeter may not show the 100k Ohm resistor because of other components in the filter.

So if you want to use your multimeter to verify ground, follow the steps in this document:


PureGround Verification by Multimeter



I hope this Q&A was helpful!

If you want more resources, here are some previous blog posts I’ve written for you already on ways to support your conductive health and decrease your radiation exposures:



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