The Latest Grounding Study + An Easy Way To Make Grounding More Effective

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Today is my last in the series of blog posts I’ve written over the past month and a half on Grounding!


So far we’ve gone over together:


and today… I review for you the latest medical study on grounding and give you a quick tip on making grounding more powerful!


This medical study is, to me, the most conclusive yet, showing that grounding ***even in the face of dense EMFs fields all around*** helps support your brain, your nervous system, your heart, your lungs, your digestion — all by boosting vagal nerve function.

This study was done in the most vulnerable of all of us — premature infants who technically should not even be born yet — in NICU incubators. Grounding them instantly boosted markers of survival. It’s important information to know because it has a direct baring on your health too… here’s how:


The Latest Study On Grounding:




And, do you ever feel like when you ground you are not getting the same results that other people are getting? I think I might know why — you are likely mineral depleted.

Give me a few minutes to explain why that makes a difference and how you can easily fix that:


The Easiest Way To Make Grounding More Powerful:



My Fav Mineral Drops:


I have the Concentrace Mineral Drops that I personally use (and show you in the video!) waiting for you at a discount in my online dispensary right here!



But what if you don’t want to use mineral supplements?

My Fav Mineral Infused, Topical Conductive Gel:


You can actually enhance your conductivity simply by topically applying a mineral rich gel.

Especially important right now at the end of winter when we all have dehydrated, dried out skin…

Keep this pump by your bedside and lightly moisturize with it before slipping onto your grounding mattress panel at night, or before sliding on your grounding socks or grounding wrist band in the AM!

And you will exponentially reap the benefits to the enhanced conductivity. It will absolutely make an immediate difference — with this gel on, the slightest contact with your grounding tool or the earth makes you instantly & powerfully grounded.

If you’ve ever tested your grounding tools and they are grounded, but when you test yourself you are not grounded, it’s because your body is not hydrated enough and lacks enough minerals to encourage conductivity.

This gel fixes both — moisturizes your skin and provides advanced cellular silver & trace minerals to boost your body’s grounding potential exponentially!


Enjoy all these fun ways to play with grounding!!!

xoxoxo, Laura



P.S. — I’ve been asked so many times for a list of all of the medical studies on grounding that I went ahead and created a master list for you right here!


I’ve included links to every single medical article and many of them are in PDF for you to print out if you like! Share this resource far and wide with everyone you know who would like to know more about the science behind grounding!

Grounding Studies — A Master List!