Why Grounding Specifically Helps With Chronic Conditions

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When we talk about grounding, it’s usually because there are instant perks:

  • immediate pain relief
  • instantly deeper sleep
  • instantaneous release of muscle tension
  • immediate boost to energy and mood
  • instantly improved blood flow, etc…


But did you know that grounding is actually even more helpful in chronic conditions — disabilities or illnesses that need support over a lifetime?

This is where grounding can really, truly shine.

If you’ve been told you have a condition that will never improve… old injuries or scars or chronic pain conditions that you have been told you just have to get used to as your *new normal* — uh… no.

If you haven’t been using grounding as part of your healing plan, then there is a huge part of healing that your body needs and has been completely missing.

Grounding is an entirely different pathway for bringing fresh healing flow into old issues that seem stuck.

They are not stuck.

Grounding can change all of that.

In fact, chronic disease and disabilities are exactly where grounding makes the most impact.

Here’s why:



Grounding for Chronic Conditions (click to view directly on my website)


The video where I review the past 20 years of medical literature on grounding

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