Spring Checklist: Feel Completely Renewed Inside And Out

You CAN feel better!

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Spring is my favorite season.


And I’ve got a list for you today of lots of great things you can do to optimize your health during this time of renewal and awakening!


1. Start Spring with a Spring Detox


I start every spring taking 5 days to renew my health from the inside out, releasing old toxins, resetting my pH from the heavy winter foods, mobilizing my energy, releasing winter weight accumulation and flushing in a whole new level of health and possibility.


I’ve written out exactly what I do and how I do it… No, I don’t fast, no radical rules, no hard to follow regimes, just a gentle re-aligning with Well Being on 5 different layers:

a nutritional detox, a hydration detox, a pH detox, an earth detox, and finishing with an uplifting energy detox…

…one layer each day building on each other until I’ve reached full alignment with Well Being!

detox coverThe earth is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and our bodies are craving new growth.

So Gentle Reset Detox, here I come!

It’s time.

To join me, simply click over here right now.

I love you, Spring!




2. Plant your garden


One of my most popular articles on Pinterest is not a review of the medical literature or an intuitive take on chakra work… it’s my tutorial on how to grow seedlings in recycled containers!

So, in honor of the beautiful spring weather that is upon us and thoughts of a summer full of gardening, I wanted to share my top 10 favorite gardening resources/tips I’ve blogged about over the years, starting with my #1 most popular Pinned article, recycled seedling containers:


  • My non-GMO, heirloom quality seed company of choice and exactly why you should avoid the seedlings offered at your nearby hardware store.


3. Combat Your Spring Allergies, Naturally, With These 7 Essential Steps!


For many folks the first thing that comes to their mind during spring isn’t beaches and bare feet and picking fresh strawberries and bumble bees and gardening and sunshine… it’s allergies.

Well poop. That stinks. But I’ve got your back!

Because I don’t want you to drug up on antihistamines and watch your lovely spring season go by in a blur of grogginess. (And, did you know that long term antihistamine use has been correlated to increased risk of dementia in the elderly?)

So here is what you can do RIGHT NOW to help establish your own equilibrium this spring without the Rx…


  • Wash your hands like it’s going out of style.

Every single time you touch a door knob, your car door, your shoes, and hand railing… well, in the spring time, you can be sure you just loaded your hands up with pollen.

Innocently scratch your nose or rub your eyes and you just inoculated yourself with the stuff.

Wash your hand every single time you can, and especially when you come in from being outside, even if it was only to walk from your car to your front door.


  • Keep your sinuses open.

Many many folks swear by flushing their sinuses out with saline. Even just misting your nasal membranes with a sterile saline nasal mist will keep them hydrated and cleansed… just mist thoroughly and then blow your nose to blow it all out!

You can find a sterile saline nasal spray at any drug store.

If you feel the congestion and pressure building, I don’t recommend long term use of Afrin but just for an individual singular use, when your nasal passages are completely swollen shut, I would recommend using a topical application of Afrin spray (diluted out 1:1 with sterile saline) over taking a systemic antihistamine.

This will help topically to calm your nose down, open up your sinuses and prevent sinus infection, without the systemic grogginess that antihistamines offer and without the stimulant effects of many systemic decongestants.

Don’t use Afrin for several days in a row. Just use once to open up your membranes and then use a sterile saline spray to clean out your nasal cavity and do these other tricks as well…


  • Local honey.

Consuming local honey is the equivalent of getting allergy shots but without going to the doctor, without the expense, and without sticking metal into your skin. Who needs that?

By taking some locally produced honey each day, you are giving yourself a very small exposure to the local flowering plants that grow in your area and give you your seasonal allergies.

It’s the same principle that allergy shots use, but you are letting the honey bees do the work of gathering pollen from around your area and creating delicious honey out of it for you to enjoy.

honey is a natural anti-viral remedy!

I’ve got a great way for you to take your honey, if you like hard candy.

Just boil a cup of honey over medium heat until it reaches the hard crack stage (375 degrees F — you’ll need a candy thermometer to measure this) and then pour into a cookie tray that has been lightly sprayed with cooking oil.

Once the honey hardens, you can flip the sheet over and remove the hard candy, and break it into small bite sized pieces.

Suck on a honey candy a day and you’ll not only be in heaven taste-wise, but you’ll be reducing the severity of your seasonal allergies naturally.

One fun way I did this was to pour the heated honey into lollipop molds and create lollipops out of them! I enjoy eating them straight, giving them to my kids to help prevent allergies their allergies as well, and also using the honey lollipops as a tea stirrer, naturally sweetening my tea with the honey pop as I stir. YUM!


  • Burn beeswax candles.

Every night before bedtime, I light a beeswax candle and let the natural scent of beeswax fill the air.

Not only is this an amazing, calming, lovely nighttime ritual, but breathing in the beeswax candle scent all night long is another simple way to exposure yourself to local seasonal pollen and become more resistant and less allergic to them.

We love creating our own candles from local beeswax, but any pure beeswax candles will do.

Just like with the honey, the bees have done all the work of finding pollen sources from all around the area in your part of the world and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the glow!

Burning a locally sourced beeswax candle by your beside (extinguish before going to sleep!) and sleeping all night in that room is a very simple way to desensitize yourself to seasonal allergies.


  • Grounding.

earthing touchYes, this requires going outside, which might feel like your nemesis…

…but as I share in my MaryJanes Farm health column, write about (like on FOX News), and speak about (like in the movie The Grounded and the sequel The Grounded 2…)

…the over all reduction of inflammation in your body after just 10 minutes of direct contact with the earth will reduce or completely eliminate your nasal congestion and inflammation, and is an important way to combat your seasonal allergies.

So at the very least, kick off your shoes when you are going to be outside anyway and let your feet do your healing!


  • Detox

The thing with allergies is that they are worse when your entire body is hyperstimulated and over worked. When your cup is already full, it only takes a few drops of water to get it to overflow and spill!

When your body is full of toxins from the environment, diet, and lifestyle, it only takes a few specks of pollen to kick your immune system into over-reacting.

Detoxing early each spring is a great way to remove anything that is irritating your body and give it a fresh slate for the start of the season.

As I mentioned above, I share my favorite detox routine of all time in my super simple, super easy 5 day Gentle Restart Detox Program.


  • Address the underlying energy of allergies… safety issues.

chakra 1 artAllergies are your body’s way of being hyper vigilant and on alert.

Your body feels like it’s doing it’s best for you… reacting to foreign stimulus and trying to get rid of it through sneezing and mucous and watery eyes.

The problem is that your body is reacting to something that isn’t a danger… it is “over” reacting… being triggered by something that is normally not a problem and not worth reacting to.

So the bottom line for your body is that it is in hyper-vigilant mode… patrolling and on alert when it doesn’t need to be.

It is overly concerned for your safety.

If you can address your fears and safety concerns appropriately, your body will not need to be in hypersensitive mode and will not feel the need to over-patrol.

Want individual counseling on *why* these allergies may have arisen for you and what you can do to relieve them?

Contact me here for a private consultation or shoot me an email and let’s work together!

xoxo, Laura


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