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Thoughts on Health… Finding your Equilibrium During Fall

    Ahhh… fall. How I love you. The cooler mornings. The walks outside. Leaves swirling through the air. Loading up on firewood for the winter. My children laughing as they swing, run, play, spend more time outside than ever before. Oh, but how you hold a dark secret inside of you. You don’t fool me for one instant… I know that the cooler mornings and campfire evenings are possible because of your tilt away from the sun… and how the days are now shorter than the nights, until they are so brief we wake up to darkness and eat …

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I want to talk to you!

    I was a bit nervous, but had SOOOO much fun chatting with Tracy Liebmann on In the Flow with Tracy.   We touch on so many topics: How art heals Creating = Health Where our health issues arise is where our creative process is blocked Release through any creative outlet Stop trying to fix everything Being and allowing, create health Our natural state of being is health Blending Medicine and Art Stop problem solving and start creating! Finding, then following your souls purpose Releasing the need to define everything How to draw creative energy into you What the …

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