Quickie Post — Wish Me Luck!!!

The teleconference (where I am speaking about opening to intuition… and how you can do it too!!! Yes, you can!!!) is tomorrow night at 7 PM. It is completely free and there have already been several amazing speakers, and there is a great line up for the rest of the week. It’s not too late to sign up! I was just informed that you’ll need to sign up here to get the phone number info emailed to you… and to automatically receive the recordings after the calls. This is great so that you don’t actually have to call in during …

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FAQ… What is Medical Intuition?

“Goddess at High Tide”   One week from today exactly, I’ll be looking forward to my teleseminar session for the Enlightened Mom’s Telesummit, where I answer this very question. I will talk for approximately one hour, on May 11th at 7 PM eastern time. I hope you all are planning to call in and join me… I’m a bit shy on the phone and would love to know some friendly readers out there are joining in! Please spread the word… there are lots of good calls to listen into… lots about parenting, a call about nutrition and eating and weight, …

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Thoughts On Health… Supporting Women

I’ve felt a strong pull in my heart to support and validate and empower women lately. I feel like I am finally coming into my own… I feel like I’m finally discovering why I’m here, what I have to give… and I feel like I want to take all the women of the world right along with me, finding our voice together, hand in hand. Does that sound cheesy? As I type it, I realize it might… and yet, this is what I feel… deeply… pounding in my heart. I love being a woman and I feel so much power …

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