Thoughts On Health… Eat Your Bacteria!

Hello folks! I hope you are having a great fall so far! I thought I’d do a round-up for you on my favorite way to get my probiotic cultures in. And in my kids. Yes, yogurt has probiotics, but unless you select one that specifically states the amount of probiotic cultures it has on the label, the amount of probiotics you are getting from regular yogurt is really small. At the very beginning of the probiotic trend, I resisted. First of all, I *gasp* actually hate yogurt. My kids and hubby like it but I seriously have to force it […]

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Thoughts On Health… Microwaving

This post could also be called Part Two of the post I wrote explaining the recent findings of cell phones disturbing brain metabolism. What do cell phones and the microwave have in common? Let me start at the beginning. We don’t use a microwave at all. We haven’t in several years… and yes, I understand that microwaving uses non-ionizing radiation, just like the non-ionizing radiation in light, TV, radio waves, etc… Most folks feel okay using a microwave once they figure out that it is not the same as the ionizing radiation in X-rays, nuclear radiation, etc… For us, it’s

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