The Most IMPORTANT Thing You Will EVER Read About Your Weight.

You CAN feel better!

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Here it is.


This is not something you are going to hear from your regular doc. But it is so so important and you should know it and *feel* this truth:

You are biologically driven to have an appetite, and you are MEANT TO EAT!!!  Enjoy it, my friends!!!
You are biologically driven to have an appetite, and you are MEANT TO EAT!!! Enjoy it, my friends!!!

You do NOT need to lose weight… not even one single pound…unless you are morbidly obese.

If you are overweight, you actually have LESS risk for dying then someone in the ideal weight category.


And if you are mildly obese, up to BMI of 35%, you have a death rate that is exactly the same as peeps in the “ideal weight” category (check out the chart below to figure out where you fall.)


This is based on a study looking at almost 3 million people and recently published in the most respected medical journal in the world, JAMA.


Not only is this the most important thing for you to hear about your weight, but it’s really important for you to share this with everyone you know so that they can know it and *feel* it too.

Because this news SHOULD be making front page news, but it is not.

So I share it with you here.

Straight from the medical literature to you:


Excess Weight Does Not Increase Mortality.


In other words, if you are slightly overweight or even mildly obese, you are just as healthy as a person who falls into the “ideal weight” category.

It’s true!!!!!

Only severe obesity is associated with an increased risk for death… but lesser amounts of excess weight do not increase the risk and may even be protective, according to the results of a new study published in the January 2, 2013, issue of JAMA.


This study was a meta-analysis of 97 different published studies that included more than 2.88 million participants.


In this study, grade 1 obesity was not associated with any higher mortality and overweight was actually associated with significantly lower all-cause mortality.



Here’s what this all means:

Compared to ideal weight individuals, overweight individuals had LOWER mortality rates than ideal weight participants, and those with Grade 1 obesity had no increased risk (having roughly identical death rates as the ideal weight participants.)

Only participants who had a BMI of 35 kg/m2 or HIGHER (significantly into the pink zone on the chart below) had significantly higher mortality rates.



BMI Chart created by Used with permission.

So… if the overweight peeps actually had a lower death rate than “ideal weight” peeps… should we strive to fall into the overweight category?


Should you purposefully gain weight?


No. Gaining weight past the normal weight range should not be a purposeful goal, you should let your own body select the best weight range for you. The one you fall into naturally. The one that your body seems to gravitate towards as you go about making the healthiest choices for you.

But it does mean you need to IMMEDIATELY drop the guilt if you feel like you should be losing those last 10 or 20 pounds.

And it does mean that you should be thankful and grateful to your magnificent body right this very minute.

And it does mean you should feel good about eating and good about nutrition and good about every inch of your precious soul-containing skin.


When you are in balance energetically your body will choose the weight range that is ideal for you, so purposefully trying to gain weight into the overweight range doesn’t support your energetic health best, unless this range is your natural balance.

But researchers do acknowledge that “small excess amounts of adipose tissue may provide needed energy reserves during acute catabolic illnesses, have beneficial mechanical effects with some types of traumatic injuries, and convey other salutary effects that need to be investigated.”


The take home message here is that if you are told you are overweight, this does not mean you should be focusing on losing weight.

The real focus should ALWAYS BE on feeling as healthy and vibrant as possible.

This means focusing on muscle tone.

On heart strength.

On endurance.

On lung capacity.

On bone mass.

On energy levels.

On restorative sleep at night.

On happiness.

On quality time with loved ones.

On meaningful relationships.

On spiritual strength.


The only patients that should even be at all *thinking* about losing weight are patients with a Body Mass Index of over 35 kg/m2 or higher — those are folks significantly in the pink zone in the above chart… and no one else!!!


And even if you are at 35 BMI or higher?

Focusing on energy levels, bone mass, restorative sleep and such will create a path of natural weight loss anyway.



So my recommendation is NO ONE should be focusing on weight… and now you have the science to back that up.

Feel better?



This is my entire goal and the reason I do what I do.


I want every single person who crosses my path to feel BETTER after working with me then they did before.


Whether it is just reading the hundreds of free holistic healing articles on my blog each week, whether it is getting my free ebook and newsletter in your inbox (just sign up in the box in the upper section of the side bar to your right) or whether you have read one of my ebooks, taken an on-line health course, or worked personally and privately with me.

A sense of relief, a sense of life unfolding how it was meant to unfold, a sense of purpose… these are your divine rights as a human being and it is my mission to help give you validity to reach for this through your health, every single time.


Have loved ones who worry about their weight?

Email them this… “share” it on Facebookpin it to your Pinterest board.



This is a medical study you aren’t likely to hear much about, but it’s the biggest news I’ve heard all year! It’s up to *us* to support each other with positive health information.

For more important information regarding the fact that you can be healthy at any size, head over to the Association for Size Diversity and Health and read their fact sheet.

This is a wonderful organization that is sure to help you expand your definition of what a healthy weight means!!!!


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Enjoy moving your body for no other reason then for the feeling of movement and freedom!
Enjoy moving your body for no other reason than for the feeling of movement and freedom!
  • 1. Exercise… don’t do it because you need to lose weight (that’s just negative thinking…) but do it instead to BUILD HEALTHY BONES!!!

A study looking at the effects of routine exercise and fall risk in women ages 41 to 77 (published in Feb 2011 in Menopause) analyzed if routine exercise improved gate stability in post-menopausal women, thereby decreasing falls and decreasing fracture risk.

A very important study, for exercising is one simple and free thing you can do to reduce your bone fracture risk as you age.

Non-toxic (unlike all the other osteoporosis meds being pushed across the country) and good for your body, soul and every organ system in-between.

This study looked at more than 120 women who stuck with an exercise program for one full year… then compared their gate to their baseline walking pattern and to control. The thought being that women who improve their plantar contact and pressure on the walking surface have a more stable walking pattern and decreased fall risk.

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Earthing for ideal body weight

As many of you know, I recently conducted a 10 week study examining the relationship between Earthingâ„¢ and weight.


Participants were asked to touch the earth for a minimum of 15 minutes a day on a daily basis for 10 weeks, and they were followed weekly for changes in weight, mood, pain, stress level, sleep, energy level and other quality of life parameters.


After 10 weeks of touching the earth for at least 15 minutes a day, 100% of the participants reported:

  • increasing their activity level over all
  • significantly reducing stress levels in their lives
  • and normalizing their appetite/reducing cravings

75% of the participants also reported:

  • improved mood
  • improved sleep
  • improved energy levels
  • and reduction in chronic pain issues.


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Enjoy your comfort foods in the winter, and fresh foods in the summer!
Enjoy your comfort foods in the winter, and fresh foods in the summer!


Did you know it is natural and in perfect rhythm to gain weight in the winter? The more you view this as a natural rhythm and cycle the more effortless it is to release weight every spring.



It’s what we are meant to do. Here is why…




If you want to find you healthy weight and sustain it, you have to go deeper then just the scale.


As far as I’m concerned, our bodies are precious, beautiful, awe-inspiring vessels that hold our souls. Point blank.

I don’t want any part of a diet or exercise program that boils these miraculous bodies down to calories in vs. calories out.

We are so much more than that… we are souls that all need different things from our bodies.


  • We eat for different reasons, our bodies move in different ways, we feel different emotions and we process energy through our bodies in different ways.
  • We have different health needs and we have different physical limitations.
  • We have different amounts of time to invest and different goals we would like to get out of it.
A one-size-fits-all diet and exercise program just doesn’t cut it.
I’ve finally discovered a program that I feel really really good recommending to my patients… and the best part is that it’s online.

So anyone can connect to this program, no matter where they live, and find success.


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Get your motor running smoothly by balancing the energy of your thyroid!
Get your motor running smoothly by balancing the energy of your thyroid!




Our thyroid gland does so much for us.

The thyroid is one of the main centers of control in our body… maintaining the health of our body as a complete organism.

Unlike the big toe, who is maintaining health for itself, the big toe (and only indirectly for the organism, as it wishes to walk…) the thyroid maintain its own health and DIRECTLY coordinate efforts of the entire body.

If any of this control center feels dis-ease, the effects are felt throughout the entire body… not localized to any one body part, but instead, can make our entire organism feel dis-eased.

The thyroid is often compared to a thermostat… regulating temperature control over the body.

This is true, but the thyroid does so very much more. Indeed, I feel that the thyroid is like the entire engine of a car that we are driving. If you can picture your thyroid as the engine of your vehicle, you can really appreciate everything your thyroid does for you and how it may affect you if it is malfunctioning.

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I hope you enjoyed this Healthy Weight Blog Round-Up!!!

Thank you for being here my friends, and helping me spread support for natural well being… xoxo, Laura