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Vision loss from diabetes is becoming a massive world wide problem,

increasing by 65% in the past 20 years.


In 2010, over 4 million people world wide suffered from vision loss and blindness due to diabetes.

But there is a very easy, holistic, inexpensive way to cut those numbers in half.

Imagine saving the eyesight of 2 million people world wide.

Enter… omega fatty acids.

As if I didn’t already love Omega 3 Fatty Acids enough…

…now they are medically proven to save your eyesight!


I’ve blogged over and over about my love of Omega 3 fatty acids, sharing the medical literature with you on how Omega 3’s can:



So today’s medical study just clinches the fact that I believe we all need to make omega fatty acids part of our dietary plan routinely OR we should go on supplements… simple as that.

Just published on August 18, 2016 in JAMA Opthalmology, new research shows having an omega 3 fatty acid intake of just 500 mg a day cut the risk of diabetics from developing diabetic retinopathy in HALF!


The Study:

  • Over 2,600 patients (aged 55 to 80 years old) with a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes (DM2) were studied.
  • Patients were followed clinically over a 6 year period to assess retinal health, and their omega 3 fatty acid intake was followed.
  • The omega 3 fatty acid intake of patients who developed diabetic retinopathy (requiring treatment with either laser photocoagulation, vitrectomy, and/or antiangiogenic therapy) was compared against the omega 3 fatty acid intake of patients that did not develop diabetic retinopathy.


The Results:

  • Patients who had a minimum of 500 mg/daily of omega 3 fatty acid intake were 48% less likely to progress to sight threatening diabetic retinopathy than those who consumed less than 500 mg/day of omega 3 fatty acids.


The bottom line:

Omega 3 fatty acids cut the risk of progressive eye disease in diabetic patients in HALF.



So now, we know that omega 3 fatty acids prevent progression of vascular disease in the heart, in the brain, and in the eye.

This eye finding is exciting, because the retina is a great over all indicator of your circulatory health.

As shown in the documentary Heal For Free, you can literally see the blood flow to the retina open up and become more robust when you are grounded.

This increased blood flow to the retina (and specifically, to the macula, which is notoriously hard to restore blood flow to once blood flow is restricted such as in macular degeneration) was shown in the film to literally improve in just one session of grounding.

If you want to see this for yourself, find the film Heal For Free here and I’ll send it to you.


Rear view of a woman looking at an eye chart


In addition to grounding, now we know that adding omega 3 fatty acids to the health care regime will preserve eye function…

…even in the face of one of the most destructive illnesses on our circulatory system, type 2 diabetes.



And if omega 3 fatty acids are able to support the delicate retina this dramatically, you can be assured that omega 3 fatty acids go to work preserving the function of your circulatory system throughout your ENTIRE BODY.

That’s why they are so powerful they can prevent heart attacks, keep our brain healthy, and even prevent cancer.

How to get 500 mg of Omega 3 fatty acids into your body each day?



This amount is equivalent to roughly two servings of fatty fish a week.


Don’t eat much fish?


Even easier.

Taking a high quality omega 3 fatty acid supplement is a guaranteed way to be sure your average intake is higher than 500 mg a day.


vegan-true-non-fish-omega-3s-30-softgels-by-source-naturalsI like Source Natural’s Arctic Pure Fish Oil, Mercola’s Antarctic Krill Oil or Source Natural’s Vegan True Plant Based Omega 3’s to supplement with.


To the long-term health of your beautiful eyes…

xoxoxo, Laura