How Your Posture Is Impacting Your Health

    Last year when I ran my annual Chakra Healing Class, one of the most interesting topics came up. On of the participants (thank you Steve!) mentioned that he noticed becoming more short of breath when his posture slumped. That brought on a wonderful discussion of all the different ways that poor posture literally physically affects your health… everything from dry mouth and dental issues to decreased oxygenation, decreased sleep quality and even increased ADHD symptoms.   But posture affects more than just our physical body… it affects our spirit.       In class I shared a link […]

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How To Quickly Align With Health

  My daughter and I were Earthingâ„¢ on the sidelines, watching my son play a football game last week… …and I witnessed his team choose a play and follow through on it over, and over, and over again.     It didn’t matter if the play was a pass, if it was a run, if it was a screen, if it was an audible… …the team had success when they picked a play and everyone aligned with that choice the best they could.   It reminded me of the work of healing.   Healing is this: making a choice and

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