You Have Angel Wings Inside Of You

  This is my second painting that I painted last month. Remember my reminder to stand up tall?   Well, this one is my reminder to: Stop. Grow Still Take A Deep Breath.     It occurred to me, when I was working with a patient on his breathing issues, that our lungs remind me very much of wings. I told him to take a big deep breath of air as if he were stretching out his wings behind him, imagining his lungs filling, his shoulder blades growing wings, and his arms reaching out and up as if he were …

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Posture Affects Your Health

I just finished teaching my annual Chakra Healing Class… and one of the most interesting topics came up. On of the participants (thank you Steve!) mentioned that he noticed becoming more short of breath when his posture slumped.   That brought on a wonderful discussion of all the different ways that poor posture literally physically affects your health… …everything from dry mouth and dental issues to decreased oxygenation, decreased sleep quality and even increased ADHD symptoms!     But posture affects more than just our physical body… it affects our spirit.   In class I shared a link to this …

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