Hearing Birds Sing Might Be Just As Important To You As Your Next Paycheck, Here’s Why

    More evidence that Mother Nature can boost your happiness like nothing else can… a new study suggests that bird diversity is as important to life satisfaction as an income is. This study, published in Ecological Economics on Nov 2020, found that not only is happiness correlated with local bird diversity, but a 10% boost in bird diversity actually increases happiness to a similar magnitude as a 10% boost in income does! We’ve known for a while that animals improve our mood, health, and even boost longevity (I’ve blogged about how pets can do all of this and more …

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Pets Decrease Asthma Risk

  Since Mother’s Day was yesterday, today let’s talk about an important medical study that parents need to be aware of. You’ve probably heard that exposure to dirt in childhood is an essential part of boosting immunity and decreasing future allergies… …but did you know the same is true for animals?   It’s true. Early exposure to dogs and farm animals (during the first year of life) statistically significantly decreased the development of asthma in children 5+ years later. Published on November 2, 2015 in JAMA Pediatrics, researchers found that exposure to animals decreases future development of asthma, a very …

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Songbird tutorial

My goal each day is to find my heartsong… something that makes my heart sing out loud. So it’s not surprising that I’ve been a bit obsessed with birds lately. We have 8 as pets. And they pop up all the time in my paintings. And my sewing. Chirpy little songbirds… I can’t get enough. So I am here today to share them with you. I love softie birds… there are lots of patterns for them out there, I know. Your best buddy Google will hook you up if you want to take a look at all of the hundreds …

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