Parents, I’m Sick To My Stomach Over This…

As you know, I truly enjoy reporting positive and healing medical information for you, dear reader. And that is the plan for the next 7 weeks, as I walk you through your Chakras from a medical point of view and give you great ideas for supporting your inner healing. But today… I’m sitting here with a knot in my stomach and here’s why. Please consider helping me spread this news: There was a study recently published in Pediatrics (on July 2, 2012) looking at spanking and other forms of physical punishment. As makes common sense, there have been many many […]

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Favorite Children’s Books

I was going through our old stash of children’s books… organizing our bookshelves… and I found myself lost in a daze of the sweet sweet memories of reading picture books to my children. Oh how I loved that. Although we have evolved into reading chapter books now, there are so many great children’s books that I found along the way that I want to hold on to. I thought I’d share some of the gems I discovered with you all here, since I know there are mama’s out there with kids young enough to sit on their lap and enjoy

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Thoughts On Health… FAQ — Parenting Books

My second in my FAQ series, I’m going to continue with book recommendations. Last week I reviewed some great easy to read books that gently introduce an organic lifestyle overview to folks who are interested in learning more about living naturally. This week, I’d like to list some of the parenting books that have helped us develop our particular parenting path. Craig and I both feel like we are here to support our children in any way possible. We feel very much like equals… our parenting style is one of connection to our children… we do not want anything to

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Thoughts On Health FAQ… Book Recommendations

My husband keeps asking me what books to recommend to patients when they begin to walk the path of a more organic and holistic lifestyle. Well… I sure have read a lot of them. Many resonated with me, some didn’t. I’ve recently narrowed down my top few books that start you on a gentle road towards an organic lifestyle. None of these are too overwhelming… all of them are full of great ideas that are fun and enjoyable to try. I’ll review each for you and they are all linked to the page on Amazon where you can find pricing

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