Is Your Skin Telling You Something?

Skin can speak to us through the location of the eczema patches we have, through acne, through dry tight skin, hives, changes in hair growth, pigmentation, wrinkles, stretch marks and much, much more. Skin can speak subtly through chronic messages that it whispers to you your entire life… ….or skin can scream loudly and angrily during acute transitions and times of crisis. But no matter how your skin speaks to you, there is always a message to be appreciated.   Because our skin replicates so quickly, it is a wonderful mirror for what is going on with the rest of […]

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Detox Bootcamp: 5 Days To Renewal

Wow. This week we welcome September! We are headed into fall… (where did the first half of 2015 go!?!?!) …and like I do every year when the earth begins to transition to cooler temps, leaves changing and shedding and the earth diving inwards for renewal… …I want to dive deeper and detox my own body, from the inside out. There are a million ways to do this… strict raw food diets and prolonged fasting and colonics and a ton of wonderful different ways to feel like you are starting fall with a new you.   For me, I go with

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