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Why Grounding Works, No Matter Where You Live In The World

I was asked to go a little deeper into the research on the earth’s DC global electrical grid, the Carnegie Curve and some of the science behind grounding. So today, I want to share an article I wrote that gives tons of these references so that you can read the research for yourself! Here we go:     The Global Electrical Circuit The earth, and all living things on the earth — both plants and animals — including the 8.7 million species of life, are part of an all natural, global electrical circuit (1).  This energy grid is comprised of …

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Pesticide Exposure and Autism

There is ample proof to show that pesticides are contributing to the steep rise of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and developmental delay (DD.)   The latest study was published a few weeks ago on June 23, 2014 in Environmental Health Perspectives.   This study specifically links prenatal exposure of organophosphates (the most commonly applied agricultural pesticide) and other commonly used pesticides to autism rates in offspring.   Pesticides are neurotoxins that are clearly having a known, predictable and permanent effect on the developing fetal neurology during gestation. This particular study looked at northern CA residents (the state of CA alone …

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