The Two Best Ways Fast: Why It’s Easier Than Dieting & How To Do it

  This is the third and last blog post on losing weight easily and naturally — and that’s because this is the very last week you can sign up to join my in my 5 day Weight Reset Class! The first article was on losing stress-related weight. The second was on naturally boosting your metabolism. This last one will be a quick intro to fasting — a great lifestyle modification that has long term benefits that are hard to beat: decreased heart attack risk, decreased diabetes risk, decreased cancer recurrence rates, even boosted longevity. I review all of these benefits …

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Is It Better To Diet Or To Fast Intermittently?

    Two years ago I told you about a medical study that showed fasting for 13 hours (or more) overnight decreased breast cancer recurrence by more than one-third, which was awesome news. In that study, researchers found that not only did cancer recurrence rates drop, but also the longer the participants fasted at night, the lower their HbA1C levels fell as well.     This begs the question — if fasting at night helps to lower HgA1C levels, could intermittent fasting help treat patients with Type 2 Diabetes?   To answer this question, researchers conducted a new study specifically …

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Fasting To Decrease Cancer Recurrence

Recently published on March 31, 2016 in JAMA Oncology, new evidence supports the idea that fasting at night reduces the risk of cancer recurrence.   Every night as we sleep we all enter a mini-fasting period before we *break-the-fast* with breakfast each morning. Prolonging the amount of time spent fasting — skipping evening snacks all together and fasting for 13+ hours each night — reduced the risk of breast cancer according to a study that spanned thousands of patients followed for over a decade.   Simply taking care to eat an early dinner and not eating again until breakfast (for …

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