Saving Seeds, a tutorial (i.e. the perks of lazy gardening)

  All this heat is causing my plants to bolt early!  Here, you can see my basil has started shooting up flower/seed heads…   I’m really excited about this tutorial. And the reason I’m excited is because I’m going to be trying it for the first time myself, along with anyone out there who wants to try it with me! Okay, so I admit that this topic is only an issue because of my sub-par gardening skills.  That and the extreme heat/drought that we are experiencing in this part of SC.  All of my (admittedly unattended) garden crops are bolting… […]

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FAQ: Our Natural Transition to Vegetarian…

I have been asked four times in the past two weeks about my thoughts on food choices for children, so I figured this is the Universe asking me to blog about it ­čÖé Concerned parents were wondering if they should be forcing their children to eat a certain amount of veggies each day, and yet other parents were concerned that their children may not be getting enough meat. I’ve thought long and hard about what I believe. I’ve considered everything I know from my education as a physician and everything I *feel* as an intuitive mother, and I have developed

FAQ: Our Natural Transition to Vegetarian…

Spring has officially ARRIVED!

I am so excited to share with you today a gardening update! I’d love to hear about what your garden situation is and how it’s coming along… if spring has reached your part of the world yet… links to your pictures and blogs would be awesome and most welcome!!! Spring has definitely sprung around Charleston, SC. Here is what it looks like in my back yard:     Lettuce coming up nicely… this is the Rocky Top Lettuce Blend from Baker Creek…       Little rows of carrots just peeking through… these are yellow carrots from Baker Creek…  

Spring has officially ARRIVED!