Healing From Toxic Relationships (video)

Are your friends or loved ones draining you?   Are you having difficulty receiving nurturing… … either from yourself or from others?   Or, are you feeling taken advantage of lately?     Do you have these common heart chakra conditions? fibromyalgia breast issues heartburn circulatory issues heart disease trust issues abandonment anger or jealousy   Today I offer this video to help you enjoy your heart chakra today… Focusing on your heart chakra health is the most direct way to heal from toxic relationships, to welcome more meaningful and supportive relationships, and to LOVE YOURSELF!!! Give me 6 minutes …

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10 Ways to Nurture Yourself, Today.

Quick fixes for you today to feel reconnected and happier. It’s part of my chakra series of blog posts… today we are focusing on the crown chakra.   Do you feel lonely? Isolated? Frustrated? Do you tend to be harder on yourself then you would be on others? Do you take things out on yourself, of feel responsible for things that are out of your control? Do you suffer from insomnia? Loss of pleasure in the small things? Lost the spontaneous laugh you used to have?   If any of these things sound like you, let yourself off the hook …

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The physical symtoms of the heart chakra… and how to re-align RIGHT NOW!

Wow, I haven’t done a video in a long time, and now I remember why. Dang. I hate the lighting, the angle, the still shot, how I accidentally cropped my head in half… everything!   BUT! I’m posting it anyway.   Because the heart chakra is one of my very favs and because the physical symptoms that arise from the heart chakras are so common, I bet you can find yourself in this video somewhere. The heart chakra affects so much, from heartburn to breast tenderness to fibromyalgia to obsessing over relationships and SO MUCH MORE. Give this video a …

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