Winter Skin Help

Winter can be a tough time for anybody’s skin… painfully dry hands and cracked heels galore (ouch!)   Dry heated air dehydrates and cracks your vulnerable skin while you are inside staying warm… …combine that with whipping cold winds that chaff skin when you are outside and winter is just no fun on your skin, especially if you suffer from chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema or other forms of dermatitis.   Today I have a blog post for you that is full of wonderful things you can do to support tender dry winter skin and support skin health […]

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Are Your Shoes Causing More Harm Than Good?

So… I’m not particularly into shoes.   Seeing the beautiful results of Earthing on my patients (and in my own life) has me opting for going barefoot whenever possible, and sleeping grounded at night too.   So I found it very interesting when the latest medical reports showed that the new trend towards maximalist shoes (thick soles, thick padded heels) completely failed to cushion the foot on impact and in fact increases the risk for injury…. the exact opposite of manufacturers’ claims.   Turns out, cushioning does more harm than good for the dynamics of your foot, luring you into

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