Adult Onset ADHD Totally Different Than Childhood ADHD

Ever since I blogged about 5 Holistic Ways To Treat ADHD a few weeks ago, I’ve gotten dozens of emails from readers wondering if the same approach would help them with their adult ADHD too. So this is the perfect time to update you on the latest medical research about adult onset ADHD and give you a few additional recommendations.   Although adulthood ADHD can absolutely simply be a continuation for childhood ADHD, researchers are now finding out that there is a separate, totally different, adult onset ADHD syndrome.   This is important to understand, because currently to have a […]

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Sleep A Key Factor In ADHD

On the heels of last week’s blog post that named deep sleep as one of the top 3 ways to preserve your brain volume… a new study has recently revealed that good sleep helps with ADHD as well!   Sleep problems have long been considered a hallmark of ADHD… leading to reduced quality of life, reduced level of functioning and reduced school attendance. A study, recently published on January 20, 2015 in the British Medical Journal, has found that even a simple, brief sleep intervention with ADHD children provides lasting benefits that lead to improved sleep and decreased ADHD symptoms.

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