Nurturing Your Own Health Through Difficult Times

I am going to re-post a great article I wrote last year… 10 ways to nurture your body and soul right in this very moment. It’s a blog post I’ve needed to go back and re-read to remember how to nurture my own soul as I travel through some difficult and dark times.   As I said on my Facebook Page: “A few weeks ago, I would have said the purpose in life is to soak in every second of it, enjoy it, laugh as much as possible, have fun, smile, and fill your heart with gratitude as much as […]

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Get Unstuck: an idea list!

Needing to break free from the same routine happens to all of us. As I wrote about on Monday, it’s important to keep your mind fresh and open to new ways of thinking. Here are my favorite ways to break free of a slump when I find myself in a rut:   Challenge my thinking… returning to a natural state of wonder (here is a video I made for more info on that…)     2. De-clutter… when I start taking on too much in my life, my office and living spaces reflect that. Often spending a day or a

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