Are You Kidding Me? What Diet Drinks Are Really Doing To You

File this under: I’m not surprised.   But all the same, a new medical study shows us the disturbing proof that eating foods and drinking diet drinks with artificial sweeteners in them actually changes how your body is able to handle glucose… increasing your risk for Type 2 Diabetes. Makes sense… you are basically training your body to have an abnormal response to sugar by feeding it artificial sweeteners. What I didn’t know is how quickly your body slows down it’s insulin response and begins to abnormally uptake glucose in the gut and concentrate it in the bloodstream. Two weeks! …

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Prevent Diabetes with Magnesium Supplementation

Several recent studies suggest that a high intake of magnesium can cut your risk of developing diabetes in half!   Prediabetes (fasting glucose in the 100 – 125 mg/dL range) has been thought to progress almost invariably to diabetes without major lifestyle changes in diet, activity level and even sometime prescription drug intervention. But is there a natural supplement that might actually help prevent Type 2 Diabetes? Several studies answer with a resounding *YES*! We know that magnesium and insulin are linked together — insulin helps transport magnesium into the cells for use in glucose metabolism… and in turn, magnesium …

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Vitamin D decreases Diabetes Risk

  As last week’s blog post highlights, Vit D is an important supplement for whole body health.   I’m not a huge advocate for taking a lot of pills, vitamins, supplements or prescription medications, but there are two supplements I feel there is so much positive medical literature on that they are my *go to* recommendations for almost every patient: Vitamin D supplements and Omega 3 fatty acid supplements. So today, let’s look at yet another way that Vitamin D impacts the body: decreasing our set up for metabolic syndrome.   Because there are Vitamin D receptors in insulin target …

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