Laughing At Myself

    My kids recently asked me what was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me. Well, lots of them I had to censor for my kids… and don’t particularly want to share on the internet, either. But once I started really digging into the G rated stuff that I could share, I started laughing so hard with them, and it felt soooo good. Hearing them laugh along too just had me breathless with joy. I told them about the time when I was twelve and I was on a family trip with my parents and brothers. We […]

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Photography Assignment, week 3.

Oh my goodness. This week is by far the hardest week to share with you. She wanted us to dance in front of the camera. Gulp. I love to dance around with my kids, but they refused to join in with me. Miles cranked a tune on his iPod… he picked Hot Wings (I Want To Party) featured in the Motion Picture Soundtrack of the movie Rio. We loved that movie, by the way! I went out under the sun and got it over with. And yes, right during the song is when the afternoon school bus just had to

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