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7 Natural Ways To Defeat Yeast Overgrowth

I’m so excited. We are officially well into May and this month I am actually taking my first three day vacation in a long, long time!   I have not taken a vacation — not even one single weekend off — in over two years straight. So to have a Friday, Saturday and a Sunday to hang out with friends by a lake and sleep in and stay up late and watch the kids swim and watch the sun set… yep, it’ll be heaven. With all of this beautiful warmer weather, I’ve had lots of questions come up (in the […]

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Summer Skin: A Party For Yeast

Yeast overgrowth is absolutely no fun. And it can really get worse in the warmer months as yeast love nothing more then moist, hot, sticky skin/mucosa to flourish on. I remember working with a sweet older female patient that was absolutely miserable with Candida growth all over her skin… and it was particularly bad underneath her breasts where they touched her upper abdomen.   Being that it was a particularly hot summer, she was hot and itchy and in her own personal hell! I was a bit more conventional back then, so I’m especially thinking of her as I type

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