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My holiday deadline this year is Nov 15th because I am moving to a new office (yay!) in early December, which means I will be closing my shop to new orders for the first half of December.  I need any orders that you want to gift for the holidays to be placed by November 15th please!!!  Orders placed after Nov 15th are not assured to arrive for December holiday gift giving.

Speaking of gift giving, need some unique gift ideas?  Want to be sure you are giving something that no one else will give the people in your life you love most?

Giving the gift of a positive, uplifting healing tool is one of the kindest gifts you could ever give someone you care deeply about.  Read on to browse through some of my favorite ideas, or simply click here to peruse the entire shop full of uplifting, supportive holistic healing gifts!


Earth Prescription Book

1. For The Grounding Newbie


The best way to introduce grounding to a loved one is through my book The Earth Prescription. Personally autographed by me, it’s filled with tons of easy ways to get grounded outside year round, a gift that will get them directly grounding to the earth outside to improve their health all year long!  Available in English, Japanese, Korean and Russian editions




2.   For The Electrosensitive


Cocoon them in pure peace and give them a head-to-toe break from all the EMF exposures we are inundated with all day long.  Nothing else compares — hooded to protect the top of the head and extra long to protect all the way down to the legs… their chest, abdomen, reproductive organs, bones and more are all covered. This custom sewn shielding cape is hand sewn right here in the USA.  Add on a router guard (to reduce exposures from their router while still allowing Wifi to be functional) or a bedside shield (to decrease exposures from their cell phone at night) and you’ve dramatically reduces your loved one’s EMF exposures at home and on the go.


Find more resources for the electrosensitive here:




3.  For The One Who Takes Care Of Everybody Else

Take care of them from head to toe with uplifting holistic wellness gift set.  An organic hemp exfoliating mit, my favorite healing magnesium lotion for a full body massage and full body relaxation, toe alignment socks to slip on after a long day of work, Daily Healing Cards to inspire and an uplifting journal to encourage them to let it all out.  My daily healing cards also make a great stocking stuffer, with 82 different uplifting healing activities that can be drawn daily, or just whenever your loved ones could use a fresh and uplifting health boost.




4. For The One Who Never Takes A Deep Breath

We all know loved ones that take on too much stress, never relax, and never stop for a moment to just BE.  In fact, maybe that loved one is you!  I can think of no better way to support the body’s function in under 3 seconds flat that to simply take a deep breath.  Encourage your loved one to breathe deeply by gifting them a healing chime they can keep on their desk to remind them.  Simply strike the chime and focus on the sound dissipating for 3 breaths and feel noticeably more centered an calm.
See how I use this chime to regulate my nervous system right here:


5.  For The One Who Needs To Hydrate More

We all know someone who just does not drink enough water.  And if you don’t drink enough water, you just don’t feel well and your body is not working optimally.  On top of that, the purity of the water you drink matters too.
I personally use this exact water filtration system in my home and at work — it’s the only water I want in my body or in my children’s bodies.  The water is so pure that now regular tap water literally smells like public pool water filled with cholrine and other nasty contaminants… and it is.
Plus, having a filtration system out on a countertop is a great visual reminder to drink a glass of water every time you see it.
Get more hydration tips in this article I wrote for you here:



6. For Those Experiencing Loss

Until we are reunited with our loved ones, it can be incredibly comforting to have a visual reminder of the connection we still have, to our soul mates to our ancestors we have a lot waiting for us on the other side. My artwork is a visual reminder that we are more than just the earth suits we are temporarily wearing.  The artwork above is called As The Veil Lifts which is available in prints right here. 
Head over to my art shop full of original healing artwork that keep reminding us that all is well, even if it doesn’t feel like it right here & right now.
Here is an article showing you my most recent painting:



7. For The One Who Is Always Cold

To keep them grounding outside all winter long, all they need is some warm conductive grounding gloves and a little extra TLC for their hands!  Combining this gift set with an indoor grounding throw to snuggle up with makes for a lovely grounding gift that will keep their health boosted both indoors and out!




8.  For The One Who Travels A Lot

Possibly the best gift ever, this grounding bedroll is the perfect way to gift a travel friendly grounding set for your very favorite people. They can use it at home every night, and when traveling they can simply roll it up and take it with you.  
Add on a silver based, antimicrobial mask and silver barrier cloth so they avoid germs while they travel and you’ve just created the sweetest gift set.




9.  For The Athlete

Stick these grounding shoe stickers onto any shoe, hiker, even a pair of cleats and your favorite athlete will stay grounded while working out — which helps decrease muscle soreness, improve recovery, and boost circulation.  Win-win-win!
Find out more about how grounding supports your favorite athlete right here:



10. For Those Who Sleep Share

Whether your loved one sleeps with a favorite dog, a favorite human, or has a whole family that piles into one bed, a grounding mattress topper is the easiest way to make sure everyone is sleeping grounded and getting the most restorative sleep possible, year round.
Find more support for deep restorative sleep in this article I wrote for you here:




11. For The Workaholic

Background noise is such an insidious health stressor that we literally don’t even realize how much it impacts us on a daily basis — from increasing heart disease risk to causing stress related weight gain.  Instantly reduce stress for your favorite person by gifting them Calmer ear protection — which allows them to still hear clearly (even enhancing clarity) while reducing harmful background noise.
Find out how to handle other work stressors here:




12. For The One Who Lives Too Far Away

When all you want to do is grab your favorite person and hold them in a warm hug, you can gift them the next best thing: a healing tool that comforts them, warms them up, and makes them feel better.  Plus they will think of you every time they use it. My grounding hot water bottle and cozy set is my personal favorite way to get grounded while I snuggle up in the wintertime.



13. For The One Who Hates The Dark Of Winter


If you know someone who tends to feel down by mid-winter, give them a boost of energy, a better night’s sleep, improved mood, even boosted libido by sending them a light box.  This is the one I use every morning, to help with my own seasonal affective disorder.  Brighten up your loved ones day every single day.
Find out more about the health benefits of light therapy here:



14. For The Outdoorsman

Brand new to the shop!  Gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted solid wood grounding sticks that use recycled copper to ground your hands as you walk.  A great way to be able to wear protective shoes or orthotics and still be grounded, as well as those who are avid outdoor explores that like to hike.  Keep them connected to the earth even with their hiking shoes on!
Also perfect for those in a wheelchair or scooter which keeps them up off the earth, ungrounded.  Simply stay seated and use the grounding stick to touch the ground, effortlessly putting your body into a healing state right through your hands, not your feet.
It’s also a fabulous solution for those that want to be grounded on long car rides — pull over and walk or sit with the grounding stick every hour or two on your journey to instantly release stress and boost circulation.

Artisan hand made in Ireland using all natural materials, solid wood, even recycled copper — no two are the same and each are a work of art!





15.  For When You Don’t Have A Clue What To Get 

When you just want to support your loved one’s health but you don’t know where to start, this organic grounding mat is the most versatile and ethically made grounding tool on the planet: eco-friendly, ethically hand crafted, locally made in the USA, using all natural materials — gentle and safe enough for those with chemical sensitivities as well as those with electrical sensitivities (EHS.)

I wanted to create an eco-ethically crafted mat that was hand sewn using medical grade stainless steel (that means you can wash it over and over and it will last for years) + backed with eco-friendly soft organic cotton, dye free & chemical free so it is sensitive enough for use by those who have multiple chemical or environmental sensitivities.

Then I wanted to make it the perfect size to use in every situation you can think of… sit on it, sleep on it, travel with it, lay it out for your pets, put it under your feet while you work… this double thick, conductive grounding mat is so soft, lays flat under foot, and is plenty large enough to use wherever you want to get grounded… on a chair, a recliner, a sofa, as a floor mat, to sleep on, you name it.



Holiday Deadline: November 15th 


Remember, I’ll be closing my shop in December to open a new office space, so place your orders on or before this Wednesday to get your gifts in plenty of time for holiday gifting!

Find all of these healing tools and tons more fabulous gift ideas right here:




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