You Are Made Of Stars (My Latest Painting + A Round Up Of My Favorite Holistic Healing Articles)

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As a physician, every single cell in our body literally seems like a miracle to me.

How it functions, replicates, repairs, lives, dies.  The fact that our skin is self healing, our bones fuse back together, we breathe and our heart beats while we use our body to do other things all day long without even thinking about it, how we create life, how little humans grow within us and are born.

The fact that all of it, almost every bit of it, comes from cosmic dust and stars — it’s all just so damn magical.

We are wearing solid, tangible bodies — earth suits I like to call them — and we run a life spark through that body that brings the elements of stardust to life.  Researchers estimate that we are approximately 97% stardust, formed over 13 billion years ago.

Could you be any more magnificent?

Can you think of anything more beautiful?

Remembering that you are the universe, manifesting in physical form, in a beautiful living earth suit of stars, and that you are thinking a thought this very moment, your heart is beating this very moment, aren’t you so impressed with your body?

You are having a conscious experience full of meaning and feeling and using it to interact with other star dust humans. It’s so beautiful I had to paint it.

Here I picked the three most fascinating organs to me — the human mind, the human heart, and the human baby incubator (the uterus) and painted them as golden light  — a mix of the earth elements and cosmic dust — with foliage and the stars filled in the background.

It’s a reminder that every cell in your body, every organ, every part is a gift from the universe and to use every minute you wear it with appreciation. Treat that body well, it’s an honor to wear it.

I’m going to show you each painting and link you to a some of my favorite blog posts I’ve written for you over the years on boosting the health of each:  our hearts, our brains, and our reproductive organs.

Below all that I am going to show you how I painted these, in case you want to see the process.

Here we go:

Made Of Stardust:



Free healing articles to support your heart health:



Free healing articles to support your brain health:




Free healing articles to support your reproductive health:



My Painting Process…


1.  I painted the background of each canvas with deep blue, purple, indigo and black to create a night sky:



2.  I added stars by flicking white paint from a paintbrush across each canvas, then collected some foliage from my yard and painted them different shades of green, pressing them onto each canvas and removing them like a stamp:



I thought my pile of painted leaves looked so pretty!  I just kept adding layers until I was happy with the layout:



Here they are before adding the organs to each canvas:



3.  I then sketched out each organ and painted them in with liquid gold leaf, so they would shine and glow.  I tried to get some images at an angle for you so you could see the gold jumping off the canvas, I hope you can see it.

I also added more stars shining through with white paint, to make it feel etherial:






4.  Then I signed each in the corner and put clear archival varnish on the top to protect them:




If you are interested in finding out more about these original canvases, hop over here to look at my Made Of Stardust artwork.

I can see this trio lining a hallway, in holistic practitioners room, in the waiting room of a healing center, even above a baby’s crib or your very own bed, so that you never ever go to bed or wake up without remembering you are a miracle of stars, a living experience of soul mixed with earth mixed with stardust… all combining to make up the human you are right now.

A once in a lifetime, actually a once in forever combination of these exact particles that you call home.

To your magical earth suit and even more so, to the beautiful soul that is wearing it right now.

xoxoxo, Laura Koniver MD