Grounding While You Eat, A Game Changer For Your Digestion (+ Freebies)

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Why does food always taste better at a picnic?

Why does your morning coffee seem so much more satisfying when you take it outside to your front doorstep?

Why do you never seem to feel the same heartburn or bloating or indigestion when you eat lunch outside on your lunch break instead of inside at your desk?

Why is cooking dinner over an outdoor campfire or grill so much more fulfilling than cooking the same meal indoors?



Grounding has a profound impact on your digestion, boosting your vagal tone (which supports the function of your entire digestive tract, from your esophagus to your colon and everything in between!) while meanwhile directly impacting your ability to feel full and satiated, even enhancing absorption by decreasing inflammation, which also helps with recovery after a meal.

From every single angle, eating grounded helps: putting you more deeply in touch with your hunger and satiation, helping you digest and absorb your nutrients better, boosting your metabolism and keeping weight gain at bay, even decreasing discomfort after eating.

Even if you eat completely organic, fresh, dairy-free, gluten-free, best-diet-in-the-world you can easily still have irritable bowel issues, or indigestion, or bloating, or pain.

That’s because you can’t fully resolve bowel inflammation without being grounded.

Here is why adding grounding to your daily routine is the quickest way to heal your gut:







I believe so strongly in the power of eating grounded

that I painted this original anatomical artwork myself,

to help remind you of the beautiful interplay between the earth and our digestion:


To grab this original canvas for yourself, click over here for more information. I’d absolutely love to send it to you!


I really want you to try to find one way each day to eat or drink something outside, so that you can experience this support for yourself.

So today, I have a few free gifts for you to help remind you to make eating outside a priority.

First, I turned my painting above into a free printable for you to tape at your desk, in your kitchen, in your bathroom, by your front door, to help remind you.

Just click on it and print it out right now!


Free Printable “Eat Grounded” Reminder Poster:




While I was at it, I turned my last anatomical painting into a free printable for you as well… to remind you to go outside and move that beautiful precious body of yours each day too.

Click on this one to print out right now as well:


Free Printable “Move Grounded” Reminder Poster:



(If you want to see how I painted that painting or to learn more about how

grounding supports your musculoskeletal system, hop over here to read that blog post.)


Know anyone who would enjoy these free printable reminders? Forward them this blog post… anyone can print out unlimited copies… for free!

Lastly, let’s brainstorm.

I’ve got you.

I’m gonna start a list of suggestions for you, ways to routinely incorporate grounding to support your digestion.

How many more can you add to this list? And which one are you going to try out today?




Ideas To Incorporate Grounding & Your Digestion, Today!


  1. Drink a cup of hot water (with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice & honey) outside while grounding in the morning dew each AM to gift yourself a daily grounding detox for your gut.
  2. Take your morning coffee and yogurt (or oatmeal, or cereal, or toast, etc…) outside onto your front doorstep to eat a grounded breakfast before heading off to school/work.
  3. At lunch, take your brown bag outside to the sidewalk in front of your building, or the picnic bench in the back of your office plaza, or anywhere you can touch the earth (maybe something as simple as the concrete that surrounds your parking area) and eat a grounded lunch outside for an instant pick-me-up to get you through your afternoon indoors.
  4. Once a week, turn your dinner into a picnic by grabbing your plates and taking them outside, eating al fresco… see if you notice a improvement not only in your digestion but your sleep that night too! If you are adventurous and want to cook your dinner outside too (not just take it outside to eat…) there are countless amazing campfire meal recipes and grilling recipes waiting for you for free on the internet, or to motivate you even more, treat yourself to a beautifully illustrated campfire meal cookbook and enjoy picking out your next grounded dinner.
  5. Once a month, invite all of your friends and family to meet up at a park for a potluck meal enjoyed outdoors in a free park pavilion. As you know from my video here, just touching the concrete floor of the pavilion is instantly grounding! Bring your frisbee or football and get some grounded exercise in while you are at it!
  6. As evening draws, take your nightly hot cup of herbal tea (or hot chocolate!) outside to drink in the warmth while looking up at the stars overhead… the most peaceful and centering way to ground that I know of.
  7. Outdoors not your thing? You can still eat grounded by sitting on (or resting your feet on) a grounded mat at your chair, indoors.
  8. Still have some indigestion? Consider holding a soothing grounded hot water bottle over your abdomen during or after meals to help soothe gut peristalsis with powerful grounding support to your vagal nerve, while dissipating bloating and heartburn with relaxing heat, all at the same time.
  9. Want to add on some more digestive support? Take a big glass of water outside, along with these gut supportive digestive supplements, and support your digestion with: probiotics (not only good for boosting immunity, these also help balance your gut flora so that you can break down and absorb nutrients with less inflammation and bloating, resolving irritable bowel issues as well) digestive enzymes (especially important for those with gall bladder issues) and for a dramatic improvement in digestion, mix Inflama-GI drink mix into your water and enjoy immediate gut soothing support. The Inflama-GI drink mix has literally changed the lives of many of my patients (and even my family and friends!) To order yours with an automatic discount, hop over to my online dispensary right here and click the “Digestive Support” section of my dispensary catalog.





To your innate, beautiful, powerful health!

xoxoxo, Laura


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