Sauna To Protect Your Brain

  Now this is a medical study I can really get behind! Woot! I LOVE HEAT. And I love love love anything that boosts circulation — like grounding, sauna, steam room, hot baths, sleeping with a hot water bottle, massage, exercise…   …it just feels intuitively right to get your blood flowing, don’t you think?   Turns out there are lasting benefits to getting your brain circulation boosted through heat specifically… having regular sauna bathing decreases risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease! Researchers had previously discovered that men who used a sauna two or more times a week had significantly […]

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Poor Sleep Linked to Alzheimers: 9 Ways To Fix It.

For ages and ages, human beings followed the rhythm of the sun… going to sleep when the sun went down and rising with the sun in the morning. Our circadian rhythm was in concert with the earth and ensured that we got deep, restorative sleep in order to face the next day.   These days, artificial lighting and long work days mean that most people (myself included!) have some sort of sleep abnormality and/or circadian rhythm disruption. Although we know that lack of sleep causes everything from memory problems, fatigue, decreased concentration, stress, and increased food cravings, a recent study

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