Higher Coffee Intake, Lower Mortality Rate

This morning — more than ever — I wanted to write a fun and uplifting health article for you.   I just want to focus on something totally positive. Each week I strive to write something uplifting for you, so that your confidence in your own health gets stronger and stronger and stronger and you have a growing sense of faith in your body’s ability to be resilient. The world is a scary enough place… and if you are brave enough to read the news headlines, it can be down right terrifying. Even in medicine and health… there are way […]

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Coffee Protective Against MS

  If you follow my blog, you already know I’m a big fan of coffee.   Yes I love how it tastes… but I also love the benefits that have been medically proven. I’ve blogged about a few of them in the past…   Coffee has been shown to (click to read more on each topic): decrease your risk of diabetes protect your heart prevent dementia reduce incidence of skin cancer and even boost memory!   Today’s uplifting healing report from the medical literature highlights yet another way that coffee may be serving your brain… by protecting against multiple sclerosis.

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Caffeine — Best Study Aid Ever?

Last week, I shared with you the news of the recently found heart protective quality of caffeine. Caffeine appears to have an enhancing effect on memory consolidation as well, suggests a study published right on the heels of last week’s study.     Published on January 12, 2014 in Nature Neuroscience, caffeine was shown to have an immediate boost on memory. 140 participants of this study were able to remember and recall images that they were shown 24 hours later better if they were consuming caffeine while looking at the initial image. They were better able to discriminate differences and

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Prevent dementia AND reduce skin cancer? Yep. Here’s how…

There is one thing you can drink every single day (multiple times a day) that has now been proven to not only prevent dementia but also reduce your skin cancer risk. It’s lovely. It’s warm. It’s invigorating. It’s coffee! Now, I know caffeinated coffee is addictive and I can say for sure I don’t feel my best when I am in a cycle of “needing” coffee to wake me up each morning. However, let me tell you about two recently released medical studies that show the encouraging results of drinking caffeinated coffee every day and you can decide how you

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