Stress Weight Gain Is Different Than Other Forms Of Weight Gain, Here’s Why

    Gaining weight (or losing weight) unintentionally is a common response to chronic or acute stress. And stress weight is different from other forms of weight gain — it typically centers in the abdominal area and is the most stubborn type of weight to release. In fact, a poll conducted by the American Psychological Association found that most of us have experienced a significant weight change thanks to the stress of the pandemic.  The poll revealed that 60% of Americans report undesired weight changes as a result of this stress. But I’m here to help. You can definitely reset your …

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Grounding To Balance Your Hormones

Hormones are the signs in your body telling each organ system how to function together.   Hormones are all about the interplay between organ systems and keeping the entire human body safe and functioning as one… that’s their role. So when grounding supports our hormone balance, it’s so exciting, because that means grounding is not just helping one specific organ system but instead it’s impacting how you feel and function as a whole. The classic example is how our gut interplays with our hormones. Conventional medicine is just starting to realize how gut inflammation and what we eat affects many …

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A New Way To Measure Stress… Your Hair

  We all know someone’s who’s hair has literally seemed to turn grey overnight from stress… …it’s a very real thing.   I know during the time when, years ago, my kids and I were unexpectedly abandoned by my then-husband who disappeared one night (and the stressful subsequent divorce that ensued) I got my fair share of grays that seemed to pop up daily and have remained in place right now, even 5+ years later. We also know during times of chronic stress, hair can become markedly thinner, falling out strand by strand or in clumps, even clogging your shower …

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