Thoughts On Health… Homeschooling

I talk all the time about homeschooling my kids, but I have never gone into depth about how or *why* we do it. So today is the day! As someone who has had over 23 years in a row of conventional education, surely I understand the value of learning new things. But want to know the truth? The only things I remember from all of those years, especially the years in med school and internship, are the things I taught myself. Do I remember every single medication that we were grilled on in Pharmacy class? Nope. And good thing too, […]

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Thoughts on Health… Fish Oil effective treatment for ADHD

  My two sweetie pie children at the beach. Okay, this may be a stretch to include in the fish oil post, but hey… you know there are fish in this pic… and what else am I gonna use as a visual?   I feel like I am trapped in backwards world.   Honestly. We’ve known for quite a while that Omega 3 fatty acids are absolutely fabulous for the body… especially the brain… so you’d think this study, which shows Omega 3 supplementation is an effective treatment for ADHD, is no big surprise to the medical community.  Wrong. Fish

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Rainbow craft goodness

  Last week, my children and I had fun working on a project I had seen all over the bloggersphere… in too many places to even credit (just google crayon art) it is all over Pinterest, StumbledUpon, and blogs galore.     Miles and Clara did an amazing job on theirs… so good I just have to frame and hang them! I just love these… somehow they combine the spirit of childhood with freedom and flow… melting crayons into something new, each one totally unique… it is just pure fun.   If you want to create your own this weekend,

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My Favorite Thing… about Charleston (right now!)

Most folks come visit Charleston because of the beautiful historic straw market area… a gorgeous waterfront open aired market that has it’s history in colonial roots. I admit we love it there too… amidst the historical landmarks and buildings and art galleries and pirate dungeon and horse drawn carriages and cobblestone streets… but I have a new favorite. And it has nothing to do with Historic Charleston at all… or anything at all to do with mankind. It has to do with what happened millions of years before man set foot on what is now known as Charleston… a snapshot

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Kids Rule My World! And Everything They Taught Me, I’ve Put Into This Latest eCourse!

The pictures in today’s post were taken on New Years Eve, at Sullivan’s Island. We had a nice warm day for the last day of 2010… sunny and cool… perfect for rock climbing and beach walking! I love kids. Especially mine 🙂 They have changed my entire existence and I’m richer for it. It’s been such a steep learning curve for me… I’ve gone from being a professional physician and motivated by wanting to succeed in the world of medicine to being a homeschooling mother whose heart does backflips watching my children eat breakfast. I really didn’t feel particularly maternal

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My Favorite Thing… about Homeschooling

a corner of our backyard… a project in progress One of the best major life decisions I have ever made was to homeschool my children. I just love so many things about it… and I know I allude to homeschooling all the time, but haven’t really gone directly into how *we* do it at our house… I think I will add that to my list of topics for Thoughts On Health Mondays… But for now, basically it all comes down to this… we focus on whatever is interesting the kids and follow that passion. Every subject under the sun can

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A can of paint for the kids

A new, huge, wall filled with chalkboard paint. I’m saying it is for the kids, but it is totally for me. I used to have about 15 different family pictures on the wall cluttering up our main hallway, and as much as I love them, they needed to find a bigger space then a narrow hallway. Time to simplify. I just finished reading Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne… and it really had me thinking. I don’t align with all of it, because I deeply feel that kids are a lot more able to self-regulate then he gives them credit

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