My daughter, the artist

I’ve known for quite a long time that my daughter is extremely skilled at drawing. She could draw animals and people with details like facial features and horns and beaks and tails when she was just one and a half years old. I had an acquaintance tell me right to my face that this was impossible at age one, the brain couldn’t handle it. My daughter’s brain can. Simple as that. She is really amazing at art. At 8 years old, she is by several decades the youngest person in a clay class we take together. Her stuff is always […]

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Our family motto…

Everything always works out for us. We say that out loud to each other almost every day. I know I say that to myself, and really *feel* it, multiple times a day. I was just saying it to myself today and I realized… this must be our family motto. It made me stop and realize how far we’ve come, and wonder how this became our motto. Only a few short years ago this wasn’t a thought that would routinely cross my mind. I felt blessed, no doubt. I felt joy at being a mother and a wife, absolutely. I adored

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