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Sauna To Protect Your Brain

  Now this is a medical study I can really get behind! Woot! I LOVE HEAT. And I love love love anything that boosts circulation — like grounding, sauna, steam room, hot baths, sleeping with a hot water bottle, massage, exercise…   …it just feels intuitively right to get your blood flowing, don’t you think?   Turns out there are lasting benefits to getting your brain circulation boosted through heat specifically… having regular sauna bathing decreases risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease! Researchers had previously discovered that men who used a sauna two or more times a week had significantly […]

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New Study Proves Dementia Is Preventable (Here’s How…)

Here is some good news you don’t hear very often… …directly from the medical literature: Dementia is on the decline.   Even with obesity and diabetes rates steadily increasing in a population that is aging, the rate of dementia is actually significantly decreasing, and has been for the past 30 years!   Although our population is aging, the incidence of dementia has dropped by 20% every decade over the three decades.   These results, recently published on Feb 10, 2016 in the New England Journal of Medicine, give more than hope… they give definitive proof that dementia is a preventable

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