Why Modern Medicine Is So Limited

  The entire model of medicine is backwards and needs a major re-do.   The way the current medical model is set up is to test and report the outcome of a medication or surgery or intervention in the scientific literature, and to use these statistics as the standard of care.   I’m very familiar with the scientific method of research not only through my medical practice keeping abreast of the current scientific literature to update my own practice guidelines…   …but also because for my entire life I’ve been the daughter of one of the lead scientists at the […]

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Medicine vs. Intuition…. Either/Or?

This arrived along with our usual jumble of medical journals and publications, and I was so excited: Intuition made the front cover!?!? How awesome is this! I opened it up, not caring if it were going to be a positive review of intuition in medicine or a negative one, just so glad there were going to be addressing the role of intuition in patient care at all!   Well, that was the error in my thinking, I suppose. It wasn’t a review of the role of intuition in patient care. It was completely and utterly about how using ICD coding

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