Changes the world with each breath…

    … that’s my daughter. Intense yet gentle… deep yet easy going… wise yet playful. She is turning 10 tomorrow. She saved my life one day, you know. The day she was born. Literally saved my life. Changed me into the person I always wanted to be… loving, nurturing, full of faith and aware of spirit. Never was able to reach for those things before she came into our lives, and now each day is bathed in spirit and soul, love and faith, tenderness and fun. Thank you so much for blessing us with your life these past 10 […]

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Through my daughter’s eyes…

My daughter surprised me recently… She picked up my camera, and took pictures of me. Finally at the *other* end of the camera, the object of focus, I felt so loved. It really touched my heart. I’m not used to someone focusing on me… and I don’t say that in a way that demands sympathy. I LOVE being the caretaker… I LOVE being the support behind my family. I love watching my husband shine at work, my kids dance gloriously through life… I cherish it and nothing fulfills me more. But having my daughter focus the lens on me, hearing

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