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What Grounding Does To Your Muscles

Our musculoskeletal system is the perfect conduit for grounding.   Your entire skeleton and all your muscles — as well as the connective tissues that hold all your organs and soft tissues in place — is a conductive conduit for healing is the basis for how and why grounding works.   When you touch the earth outside, your entire body is instantaneously grounded precisely because your entire musculoskeletal system is conductive — think of it as a conductive fiberoptic system that runs grounding instantly throughout your entire body, as easy as flipping a switch.   The musculoskeletal system is what […]

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New Healing Ideas: Float Therapy & A DIY Version To Try Today

  If you visit my website, you’ll see that my motto is “Enjoy Healing.”   After all, the truth is that life is hard enough, and health issues are scary enough, without physicians piling on layers of fear and negativity to the healing process. Even well-meaninged doctors can destroy a patient’s hope with one single casual negative statement or statistic. I won’t do that, because to me healing is all about feeling better and better and better.   It is a powerful forward moving process that should be uplifting.   So, if lately your health care routines leave you feeling

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Prevent Diabetes with Magnesium Supplementation

Several recent studies suggest that a high intake of magnesium can cut your risk of developing diabetes in half!   Prediabetes (fasting glucose in the 100 – 125 mg/dL range) has been thought to progress almost invariably to diabetes without major lifestyle changes in diet, activity level and even sometime prescription drug intervention. But is there a natural supplement that might actually help prevent Type 2 Diabetes? Several studies answer with a resounding *YES*! We know that magnesium and insulin are linked together — insulin helps transport magnesium into the cells for use in glucose metabolism… and in turn, magnesium

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