new years

Happy Holidays (and A Quick Holiday Tradition… Join Me?)

Just popping by today quickly to say happiest of holidays to every single one of you today, to your loved ones, your friends, your family, your soul connections, your acquaintances, your loves.   ((((XOXOXOXO)))) Love to you each.   I also wanted to invite you to join me in releasing your ties to 2014 as the year draws to a close… …as beautiful and as magical and as life changing and as painful and as heavy and as light and as healing and as freeing and as trivial as important and as boring and as majestic as 2014 might have […]

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Looking Back, Leaping Ahead!

  Here are two of my silly pets — Marvin the cat is the one looking back while Cupcake the bird is the one leaping ahead! Each are dressed for their New Year’s best!!! So happiest celebration tonight to each one of you as we all welcome in 2013 together!   At the end of every year I like to look back over my blog to see what posts peeps read most and to review sweet memories of posts I’ve loved writing. Here it is, your Reader Favs Top 5 list!   #1 — Dementia and Skin Care Wow, who

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