Looking Back, Leaping Ahead!

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Here are two of my silly pets — Marvin the cat is the one looking back while Cupcake the bird is the one leaping ahead! Each are dressed for their New Year’s best!!!

So happiest celebration tonight to each one of you as we all welcome in 2013 together!


At the end of every year I like to look back over my blog to see what posts peeps read most and to review sweet memories of posts I’ve loved writing.

Here it is, your Reader Favs Top 5 list!


#1 — Dementia and Skin Care Wow, who knew caffeine would be such a hot topic?

#2 — 12 Ways To Instant Solar Plexus Chakra Relief Easy ways to re-center when worry and tummy troubles take over.

#3 — 8 Ways To Support Intuition (And Heal The Third Eye Chakra) Folks really liked chakra healthcare info this year!

#4 — My Number ONE Skin Care Tip This one is a heinous video I took in my bathroom, but it was a people’s favorite!

#5 — Grounding Reduces Weight Effortlessly The highest number of FB shares this year, it was the 5th most viewed page — the results of my study examining if touching the earth impacts weight loss.


Which blog posts were my personal fav?

Here are my Top 3 Fav Posts:


Fav Memory — To The Moon And Back… My very fist post after meeting national heroes, astronauts Charlie Duke and Edgar Mitchell.

Fav Video — An Easy Test To See If You Are Getting Enough Barefoot Time A simple and quick test you can do right now to see if your feet are getting enough freedom!

Fav Guest Post — Dealing With Negative People by Hibiscus Moon Fresh and inspiring, I especially enjoyed having Hibiscus Moon cover me on my b-day and give great advice on diffusing negativity in others.



I’ve had so much happen over the past year, both personally and professionally.

From meeting astronauts and movie directors, filming in a motion picture for the first time, signing on as a health columnist for MaryJanesFarm Magazine, taking our first family RV trip, white water rafting and football games and hiking with my kids, publishing my 2nd and 3rd books (Together We Sleep and From The Ground Up,) writing my free Grounding Idea Book and taping my free Healing Vortex series, adding sponsors and getting lovely shout outs from different media sources such as First For Women and FoxNEWS and high profile peeps like Mayim Balik and Dr. Christine Northrup… it was truly a whirlwind year.

One I’m so grateful to have soaked in along the way.

Up next for me? I welcome in 2013 with an open heart.


Beyond excited to see the release of The Grounded movie (and I will be keeping you posted on that for sure!)

Opening up my personal art studio for weekend Creativity & Healing Retreats (more on those soon!)

Creating and publishing my 4th children’s book in my Heart Centered Parenting Series (to be announced…)

And really… on top of that, just as much family time as I can possibly squish into my life.


Love to each and every one of you, and so glad to be connected with you here as we step boldly and open heartedly into 2013. Bring it!

xoxoxo, Laura