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My Fav Toothpastes…

    I love love love this toothpaste. It tastes like you dipped your toothbrush in baking soda, then squeezed a fresh lemon over the top. And that’s because that is pretty much the ingredient list on this pure, organic, high quality toothpaste. I love brushing with baking soda… washing your oral muscosa and teeth with baking soda is a fabulous way to re-set your mouth’s pH every morning and every evening… it is gentle on your teeth and neutralizing for breath, too.   I am also a big fan of just sprinkling your toothbrush with baking soda and brushing, […]

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Thoughts on Health… Toothpaste.

To use fluoride toothpaste or not… that is the question. Well, if that is the question, here is my answer… we don’t.   If you do a web search on fluoride, you’ll find a million and one articles ranging from rants on fluoride being rat poison to being responsible for causing sudden death in the dentist’s chair. Reading through those articles is almost enough to make me dismiss anti-fluoride claims all together and return to the *safety* of fluoride toothpaste. Almost.   Because after going through great pains to weed through the inflammatory and hyper-fear-based information out there on fluoride,

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