Giveaway: Heart Centered Guidance

I am beyond excited to share this with you today — something I’ve been personally enjoying for months now and have experienced first hand how valuable an intuitive tool it truly is. My dear friend Jorie Cwik has spent years collecting hearts in nature. She practices “heart spotting” as a wonderfully beneficial act of presence, meditation, and communion with nature — a practice I agree with whole-heartedly.Check out some of the hearts I’ve found in nature and blogged about here, here and here! Jorie has combined the hearts she has found gracing Mother Earth over the years with her own […]

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Favorite Children’s Books

I was going through our old stash of children’s books… organizing our bookshelves… and I found myself lost in a daze of the sweet sweet memories of reading picture books to my children. Oh how I loved that. Although we have evolved into reading chapter books now, there are so many great children’s books that I found along the way that I want to hold on to. I thought I’d share some of the gems I discovered with you all here, since I know there are mama’s out there with kids young enough to sit on their lap and enjoy

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Spiritual Give-a-way… a dynamic pairing that will blow you away!

I love the Internet. It’s connected me with so many amazing souls who I never would have otherwise met… at least, I think. I wonder if Jorie and I would have crossed paths at some other point on our paths… I certainly hope so. Because she is an amazing person with so much love and joy to give and I’ve deeply enjoyed our on-line friendship. Jorie found my artwork on day a while back, and we have struck up an easy and inspiring friendship over art, children’s books (she’s got one in the works right now, and it’s amazing!) and

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