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Saturated Fat Does NOT Increase Mortality

This week, many of us are heading into the holidays.   And as you head into a week of parties and connection and warmth and pot lucks and FOOD… I can think of no better holiday gift than this:   To share with you, directly from the medical literature, the truth that saturated fat does NOT increase mortality.     It’s not about the fat… saturated fat intake does not increase rate of death. It’s about the inflammation and the long term damage that inflammation does to your blood vasculature (and your entire body, from your gut lining to your […]

Saturated Fat Does NOT Increase Mortality

FAQ: Our Natural Transition to Vegetarian…

I have been asked four times in the past two weeks about my thoughts on food choices for children, so I figured this is the Universe asking me to blog about it ūüôā Concerned parents were wondering if they should be forcing their children to eat a certain amount of veggies each day, and yet other parents were concerned that their children may not be getting enough meat. I’ve thought long and hard about what I believe. I’ve considered everything I know from my education as a physician and everything I *feel* as an intuitive mother, and I have developed

FAQ: Our Natural Transition to Vegetarian…